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A dog might successfully and happily gives birth to a-thousand-and-one puppies before a single birth of an elephant. The continuous process of giving birth (achievement) of a woman whose pregnancy is puppy-like in nature might make another person whose pregnancy is elephant-like in nature to wonder or watch in admiration and begin to question himself if at all he’s pregnant or not because the world is expectant of the day of his birth. May I tell you that what is within you is not a puppy, neither is it a goat but an elephant (it doesn’t often come but rarely; once in two years). Your giving birth (achievement) might not be frequent as that of the dog but when an elephant gives birth once, the world watches in admiration; when the child of an elephant crosses the road, the sons and daughters of men have to stop and give it time to pass. When an elephant gives birth, it shakes the whole earth.

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Note that the people that you both came from the same clan or bears the same name with you might grow faster and viral before/than you but that doesn’t make your existence irrelevant. Note that there’s no one created without a day of joy- this is usually a custom-made and individual person’s day of birth, place of birth and process of birth speak about how peculiarly created they are and the essence of their existence

  • Signals in purpose

Despite the fact that the wife of Potiphar (Joseph’s master) professed to have loved him via her attitudinal display and impressed him heavily to make love to her wile she used fascinating things to convince him that he might freely succumb, knowing full well that the best and easy way to get hold of the heart of a slave like him who had been very much deprived of physiological needs (basic needs) but Joseph on the other hand was very connected and vigilant, knowing full well that doing such a thing (accepting the ‘fascinating offer’ of hers) could easily terminate his glorious destiny and he practically turned down the bait-like offer.

If you are to be in his shoe, being deprived of sexual pleasure for long and now having the consent of not just an ordinary person to carry out such with her, what would you have done? Do you consistently take cognizance of signals around the offer of free valuables or essential things before making decisions in their favour or you’re only being attracted by the fascinating look and hastily lose the control of your senses? Of a truth, Joseph long to come out of the prison (slavery position) he’s been kept for years but he never saw taking an advantage of the body of the wife of his master (Potiphar) as a means to rise to stardom- note that anything you achieve in a fraudulent means will end up bringing you disaster. Take note of warning signals.

Do not slaughter what you should be because of what you want to eat. Whatever you eat, no matter how delicious it is, will digest and be excreted but you will gradually and continuously become what you will be. Be careful of what you chase and how you chase it. Note that if devil wants to get through to any man’s heart, he does that via what they’ve always wanted to be or become (purpose) and even promises to do more.

  • Signals in opportunities

Do not blow up a life-changing opportunity because you think it is too small for you to waste effort on it. Note that great things come in small packages; many big trees you see in the forest today came out of a very small and disputable seed. Don’t write yourself off because you think you do not possess better qualities that can make you be at advantage over others; note that this basic qualities you possess can define a new rule for the game which will invariably change the orientation of people and grant you access to the top if you can press further and harder. Note that if anybody can do it, then you can do it better.

  • Signals in relationship

Never permit emotion to overrule the warning signals in your relationship, it will only land you in a remorseful thought. Learn to wait for the one that knows your true value. Try to stay away from the man that doesn’t want you around, if you try to force yourself on them it might be disastrous. Do not allow an uncontrollable emotion, age factor or status to make you live a compromised or conditioned response life (you married the man or get married to the lady because you are pregnant for him or you impregnated her, although you’re not satisfied with her attitude, lifestyle and physique or you decided to marry them because age is really against you), you are on the pathway to live a frustrated life.

Note that the person you cannot tolerate or correct their idiosyncrasies that are not too good while in courtship is not worthy to settle down with because many more of such will still spring forth in marriage and there’s the likelihood of not being able to correct them again by then because no matter the duration of the courtship, fifty percent of the person’s nature cannot be successfully learnt. How possible is it to effectively understand the person you will live with for almost 50-60years (God’s willing), within let’s assume about five years of courtship? We are humans; unpredictable. You can only peep into the likelihood of the occurrences of some things about them in courtship. Allow God to be at the centre of your relationship in order to enjoy a lasting peace and success. Read more on what went wrong



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