Royal Kindness: Living a Stainless Life in a Perverse Milieu

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One of the criteria to accessing total forgiveness from divinity for every of our iniquity, after confessing it and having made up our mind not to return to it is, totally letting go of every offense that we’ve for long harboured or being pregnant of. Note that our God is a merciful God and is always willing to forgive but in spite of his kindness, not even considering the gravity of our individual wrongs to him, we still remain indebted to him because we find it difficult to cheaply forgive everyone that has wronged us simply because we believe they are not worth it. Note that if you think they are not worth your kindness of cheaply forgiving them simply because of the gravity of their offense to you, then, you also will remain indebted to God as you are not worth His kindness as well.


Many lives had remained unyielding in spite of their several days of fasting and prayer because they long to receive from God what they’ve long deprived mortals of their kind to receive from them.

Forgiveness (first give out your kindness) that you should first give out your kindness to anyone (irrespective of age, status, position or offense etc.) that has done you more harm than good even when you think they do not measure up to the standard of receiving your kindness or they are not worth the calibre of people that are to receive your kindness. Forgiveness is act of offering people your kindness even when they’re yet to realize the pain they’ve made you suffer or when they least deserve it. Note that we dwell in a perverse milieu where evil acts are very rampant and is no longer being questioned by anyone for indulging in the act because it’s gradually tending towards becoming the nature of many.



A bad tree can never produce any good fruit and if it does, it is just a mere pretence. You do not get drown by falling into the water but by staying down the water.

Note that inability to forgive can do you more harm than good. If you fail to hastily unleash the offense, your mind will gradually tend towards thinking evil against the one that’s made you suffered that pain you never bargained for, most especially, when they’d failed to realise the pain they’ve made you suffer and you really want them to understand or have a taste of how it looks like to be in that kind of shoes, and by so doing, you’re gradually helping devil to establish his purpose on earth.

Bear in mind that your healing process begins the moment you start loving yourself again; you can’t love the one that had heavily hurt and stab your heart in return for your kindness to them except you’ve first forgiven yourself of the pain you’ve chosen to have implanted within yourself. Love your neighbour in spite of their wrongs as you love yourself- if you have no self-love, it might be impracticable to love your neighbour again after they’ve hurt you. Note that every mistake that remains unattended to (unaddressed) will surely have a spiritual and negative effect on several generations, so also is every of the spiritual blessings you receive, if it is well utilized, it will surely have a generational impartation; you have a godly heritage.

An overlooked error that deserves an immediate attention and correction might not cause an immediate wreck but by the time its effect surfaces, it will be massive and ground breaking.

Your emotion might be without strength and has no compelling influence over your situation or condition but note that no matter the composition of your physical structure coupled with your inner strength, if you should allow the thought about your condition to dominate your mind, it can easily and successfully thwart and control your emotion.

He that is not acquainted with the way heaven operates might not even know when there’s a special operation going on in heaven. Although, you might experience a physical and glaring captivity but never stop being connected to the heavens. Note that our physical captivity should not be an excuse for our spiritual disconnection. Do not see what you are going through (challenges) as a way or reasons to excuse God out of your life or show him the exit door of your life. Bear in mind that your liberty will be born out of your connectivity (your connection will grant you access to getting the bearing of your way out of captivity). Do not allow your circumstances to determine your utterances. God should not be seen as an inconvenience in your life that you only manage to tolerate because you don’t want to be nicknamed (a non-believer). Note that harbouring offense could be a way to showing God the exit door of your life because it contradicts His nature.



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