A Life of Substantial Value

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Laughter is not a true expression of happiness. The fact that a man put up a smile at every point whenever he’s being approached by everyone doesn’t signify that he has nothing deep down in his mind that gets him worried and dull many a time and might not be able to share with even the closest person to him. Note that the only tool that a worried man has left with him to fight a bundle of emotional thought within him is laughter because it signifies that he’s yet to be conquered by the thoughts about those ugly and hydra-headed situations. Many a time, he smiles not just because the challenges are not just crystal precarious but because he knows that his smile encourages someone not to easily succumb on themselves; his courage encourages someone; his heart of bravery is building in some dauntless abilities; his inability to give up on God is proving to some that God is still interested in the business of men- you’re a landmark. Soldiers ignore pains and fight on irrespective of the amount of wounds that have been inflicted on them.

Never attempt to entertain yourself or make your dull moment lively by making mockery of others simply because of their current crisis- note that nobody is older or learned than challenges; professionalism doesn’t exempt you from being confronted by challenges.

Do not make yourself happy at the expense of the emotions of others by using their situation as a pleasure deriving strategy because you’re living the best of life today. Note that the worth of your happiness is tied to the essence of life that people around derive from your humorous expression. Do not live a life that care less about others- live a life that places a substantial value on the lives of others.

Do not amass wealth for yourself in the face of an extensive and rapid growth of abject poverty of others when you’re really in the best financial position to alleviate their problems. Although, what your sight can see about them might have succinctly defined them as nonentities because they wallow in abject poverty but note that there’s something within them that is relevant and substantial to human existence and that really defines the essence of their existence. Bear in mind that their containers (what you can see; outward nature) might be weak and disgusting (mesmerized by abject poverty) but that doesn’t make their contents useless- the fact that they have weaker container doesn’t translate to mean that they have weaker contents; their coats might be stinking but their loads (inward fillings) might be blazing. We often time miss quality resources because their physical expression does not match up or in tandem with our mental position of what is called ‘quality.’ Read more on Irrelevance

A life that places value on other lives does not chase valuables at the expense of other’s happiness, health, success, greatness etc.

Although, it is quite good making effort to get your goals established but cautiously make effort in considering lives that are directly and indirectly attached and devise a possible means of survival for them first before cutting the supplies of their current means of survival.

I watch in agape these days seeing the newer version of testifying to the glory of God in different worship centres today. People nowadays derive pleasure in making mockery of others in their contents of testimony while they claim to be testifying to what God had done for them. Although, I am not against the fact that they testify to what God had done in their lives and this is also done to increase the faith of others in God. Many come giving their testimony in this form saying “I thank God that he never allowed me to have entered the vehicle that would have landed me in the mortuary by now. As I was about entering the vehicle, another person drag the seat with me and that was how I missed the bus and joined another bus. But not more than ten minutes that we left the park, we saw the bus that I was unable to enter by the road side crashed and all the passengers inside were dead and I even saw the brains of some scattered and intestine scattered on the road.” This is nothing but making a mockery of the late souls. Know you not that if you’d been in the bus with them, they might have been secured in that journey because you possess a Godly heritage and they might have potential tools in populating the kingdom of God? Even if they were to be chronic sinners, God still value their lives because that’s the only reason He sent His son to die for the whole world.

You make jest of sinners when they die because of your self acclaimed righteousness, do you really know how embittered heaven is because of such soul being lost? You care not to speak the truth to the perishing souls when they are still living but you have the time to visit their graves when they are late; you care not to buy rose (show them the beauty of the word of God) for the perishing soul when they can still be reached but you have the money to buy rose (flower) to put on their graves when they are late.

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Life is based on the principle of the fittest. Kill your enemy before they think of eliminating you. If you spare your enemy, they will never quit coming after you.

Your enemy never wanted you to live; they feel uneasy seeing you successful and breaking new grounds. Nevertheless, it is important to state that your enemies are not composed of flesh and blood (we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places) but they mostly operate through it (human). Many people get it wrong when they pray against their enemies by placing their minds on some people that have earlier wronged them prior to the commencement of those prayer sessions.

Note that human cannot naturally think evil except he’s been possessed by the spirit of evil. Many pray so vigorously with the mindset that they will see the corpse of their enemies by the road side after prayers but that has never been true. Deal with the content (evil within; spirit) as their container might still be useful for God, provided that they have a repentant heart



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