A Life of Ignorance

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A man that lives an ignorant life is never better than a man that lives the worst kind of life.

If you don’t understand your value, you can be easily and successfully taken advantage of by people that are not clueless about your value and thinking that they are just being too generous to you by the kind of offerings you constantly receive from them.

For instance, before any organisation can offer to pay any employee of theirs a particular sum of money as salary or wages, it simply means that the net worth of the person’s contributions or value to such an organization is glaringly more than ten times of what he receives from them. A man that sees himself as the one that has nothing tantalizing to offer his generation will see answering the call of the master all through the day of his life (serving under someone) as the most prominent and promising way of living a fulfilled and fun-filled life.

Prophet Samuel discovered purpose under the tutelage of prophet Eli but immediately the reality of his purpose was done on him, he stopped behaving like an infant and launched out for the fulfilment of his purpose, although, he never because of that ridiculed the influence of the lordship of prophet Eli in spite of the wayward life of his children. Note that God usually make the journeys you plan to embark upon to work as planned not because you’re good at planning but because he wants you to discover purpose and sometimes fall through if it will hinder you from the discovery of purpose if truly you’re on his way. God allowed Moses to successfully run out of Egypt after his murder offence to Midian because he had chosen the place to be a purpose-discovery and training site for Moses. The moment Moses’s training and purpose discovery level had been attained, he never hesitated to launch out for establishment. Note that the fact that you are privileged (as a student), to gain admission into that best tertiary institution doesn’t make you to be smarter or well learned (although, not disputing the fact that you prepared well but anybody else too could have done that) but because God had prepared the place to be a purpose discovery and training site for you and lives that will help you in achieving that have been well positioned in that same institution. The fact that you’re privileged to get employment in that well paying sector and organisation is not because you have the best CV or qualities (although, not disputing the quality of your CV) but because it’s been prepared for you to be a purpose discovery and training site but having been well-trained and discovered purposes, many people still find it difficult, if not impossible, to launch out (although, many lives that are to be influenced and gain freedom by the execution of their purposes are eagerly waiting) because they see answering the call of a master as the most prominent and promising way to live a tantalizing life (influenced by monthly offerings).

Reconsider your decision if after your several trial over a particular thing, it still not bring out positive result if truly your ways are right with God, sometimes, it might mean that it will not aid you in discovering or achieving life purpose and God never wanted that for you because you’re an indispensable tool in his hand.

Many people are easily being carried away by the flamboyancy or roughness of the environment they find themselves because they’re ignorant of the reasons they were brought there. Those in the flamboyant areas enjoy the pleasantries of the environment and never wanted to give considerations to the signals pointing them to the discovery of purpose (self discovery). For example, many students while in school only give undivided attention to getting good grades and certificate (seeing school system as a grade and certificate manufacturing sites) in order to get good jobs (although very good) whereas leaving out every other things that could help them sail through the journey of life unharmed. Note that an academic institution is not left out of being a place of purpose discovery and training site.

Some also hastily lose their minds when they find themselves in turbulent situations because they believe that it’s too much for them to bear. Note that purpose discovery site and methods are dynamic but it must all be rooted in God. Some might require an unexpected flight to a place of discovery like that of Moses; others might be to be placed under the tutelage of someone like that of prophet Samuel, although, it night not be convenient because you might suffer several kinds of unpleasant treatment but it can’t be ruled out of life purpose discovery. To some, it might be to initiate a catastrophic problem in the land like the event of Goliath that brought David to limelight while to some, it might be that God will position people that will discover your purpose for you in your life and instil confidence in you to pursue it like that of Jehu (II kings 9), a warrior who was meant to be a king but have been for long pushed to the battle field to fight but the overriding issue is that being ignorant of the processes or deliberately jettison the period or process of your discovery can do one more harm than the pain one has to go through in purpose discovery.

Don’t confuse emotion with vision after getting clarity to purpose like Samson (the powerful man) who was meant to be a deliverer to the people of God but made himself to be a judge over them. Do not take any moment of your lifetime in any place you find yourself for granted, it might be a place of purpose discovery and training site.

  • Values and Goals

Your goal is a reflection of your net worth; it showcases what you have considered yourself to be or can be. Note that the peculiarities you have observed about yourself have a way of determining the kind of goals you set and your condition of mind towards it.

Your personal worth determines your personal goals: if you think you’re worth nothing, your goals too might not be full of strength enough to bring you out of obscurity, and that is why people go with the ideology “Cut your coat according to your cloth.” Whatever it is that you value yourself to be will surely determine the kind of goals you set. A king doesn’t set goals like a pauper and likewise a pauper doesn’t set goals like a king except if he has pictured (valued) himself as one to be.

The kind of goals you set reflect the value you place on yourself. If you do not understand your true value, you’re capable of setting goals that undermine your value (potential), likewise, if you overrate your value, you’re liable to and up achieving nothing as a result of the complexity of your goals. No matter how persuasive people might be to you in setting greater and commanding goals, if you’re yet convinced by your real person you will see it as them being on a mission to get rid of you.

If an intending king sees himself as one, he will not set goals that have no authority but the ones that command higher authority and chase it to establish it. Be convinced about your person.



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