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Earthly principles cannot be adopted to accomplish any heavenly goal provided that it is result-oriented. There are laid down rules and regulations that must be adhered to. It is not worth it that we should be ignorant of the personality of the being we are coming to dialogue with, he’s not seen and his place of habitation is heaven, therefore, our service should not be made like it is unto mortal being.

Note that not until we understand the difference between God and man; spirit being and mortal being, there might not be a dividing line between the offerings we receive from them both. Men nowadays deal with God as though they are dealing with people of their kinds and as a result of this, they will in no way receive anything from Him better than what men of their kind can freely offer them. What men can offer you is limited but what God can offer you are limitless. No matter how wealthy a man might be, his wealth is still a subset to that of God.

Many lives are never better than what it has always been (known for) because they are yet drawn a dividing line between attending a spiritual service and societal occasions. Every spiritual activity has been successfully brought down by their thoughts to the standard of ceremonial duties. People of these days dress attractively to the place of service while their hearts remain undressed. Their dressing to spiritual services is in no way different from that of when they are going for societal occasions- their major concern of the part to be well-dressed is centred on body.

Note that if the same measure of attention given to dressing your body for special occasion in the society can be equally given to dressing your heart when going for any spiritual service, many would have been delivered of their shackles

Note that social gathering is usually organised and coordinated by mortal beings but spiritual gathering might be organized by mortal but it is strictly coordinated and controlled by the spirit being. Gorgeous attire and the splendour of your perfume might be essential and needed to gain the attention of people (mortal beings) in a social gathering but without the inclusion of a well-prepared heart, it might be difficult, if not impossible to make yourself the cynosure of this spirit being’s (God) eyes in a spiritual gathering.

The inability to explicitly understand the difference between a social gathering and a spiritual gathering might make many people to toil several years to get any response to their long time requests. They usually trivialize every aspect of such spiritual service as if it is done unto mere mortals and their lives remain unyielding. Note that you might be one of the attendees in an occasion but you might choose not to participate in all the activities that take place there with your totality but the reverse is the case in spiritual activities because the fact that you’ve deprived yourself of the rest you could have had and make yourself available for such spiritual meeting, it is then mandatory for you to heartily participate in every aspect of the meeting if you must have an encounter with the spirit being. Many have so much trivialized this spirit being (God) to the extent that they pray to him as if he’s interested in their amassed wealth; they worship him as if he’s interested in their beauty (fashion parade in worship). No matter how beautiful you look or attractively dresses you are to a spiritual service, if your heart is not aligned with him (God) that coordinates and control the service, although organised by man, you can never get a dime of his attraction.

Many lives situations had remained unattended to because they prepare for spiritual services the same way they prepare for parties.

Parties require attractive attire that befit the occasion but spiritual require both bodily preparation and heart preparation. Do not leave out your heart in your preparations for spiritual service if you must have a tantalising and lasting experience of any spiritual service. Many come to spiritual service looking good but their heart is looking scattered and tattered.

The man through which the spirit being is speaking might recognize and appreciate your presence but will the one (God) in which you’ve truly come to meet recognize and appreciate your presence in like manner? You appear gorgeous on the outside which appeals to the sense of appreciation of man in a spiritual service but divided and uncoordinated on the inside which is against the rule of the spirit being. Bear in mind that every aspect of a spiritual activity should not be done as if it is that of a ceremonial duty or the one done unto man but as the one done unto a spirit being (God).

Spiritual gathering (service) involves the presence of God and not only man.



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