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A normal person is a ‘disabled’ being; they are physically okay but when their lives are being dissected, they are really far from being okay because the major parts of their body that can be engaged in performing a gigantic influence have been successfully affected or crippled by situations. Rational beings are reasonable beings because their modes of thinking and decision-making processes are usually being justified by human senses and societal beliefs but to the other category of human (irrational people) they hastily become an outcast and even the least expected person make effort to retract from them because they seem not pleased with their sayings and thoughts because their sayings are usually out of what the natural senses of mortals can decipher although they are important to man’s relevance and existence.


Many people have been unable to do little or nothing about their current odious situation because they concluded that it’s a normal thing


They believe that if their predecessors that are even mightier than them could fail to address and resolve the issue, then who are they? But they never reason in the direction that if God could have allowed them to be presented with such situation like their predecessors, He is bent on using the event to move them from obscurity to relevance as He wants to use their age, size, strength, and Calibre to confuse the wisdom of men. Study the life of David and his brothers when they were confronted by the giant Philistine, Goliath. David was seen by his brothers as nothing but an arrogant son seeking a means to acquire the praises of men at the expense of the animals in his custody. The brothers heavily scold him with their words but he never gave up. He went straight to the king to present his curriculum vitae, having heard the reward the one who is able to conquer the giant was entitled to in order to gain the approval of the king to confront the giant Philistine. The king ordered the guards to dress for him in a military attire but he impliedly told the king that such was not needed to confront the warrior because by his bare hands, he had once killed a lion and a bear while watching over his father’s flocks in the wilderness and the issue of this giant warrior will not be an exception. He was at that point reducing the worth of the giant Philistine to that of a mere animal that can be killed without the use of weapon and the giant warrior does not deserve more than a stone and a sling to bring him down of which the warrior too confirmed when David got to the battle ground that “was he an animal that David had come with such an instrument to fight with him.” What a high level of irrationality! Trained soldiers were seeing a mighty warrior but David saw well-prepared food to the fowls of the air. Although, his actions aroused a kind of ill feeling against him from his brothers but the result of his action compelled them to bow to him.

Take a look at the life of Caleb and Joshua too when they went to spy the land of Canaan.


The only difference between a normal being and an abnormal being is what they see.




David’s brother saw a mighty giant waging war against the Israelites but David saw a potential food to the fowls of the air, Goliath. If you want to appeal to a controllable number of audience, remain normal but if you want your presence to magnetize an indefinite number of people, stop being rational. A rational person usually invest a lot of financial resources in the publication of their presence to gain recognition while the irrationality of an abnormal man commands a compelling recognition of their identity without any formal publication or advertisement.

Jesus was neglected even by the ones he thought he would have received a first class level of treatment from because they could not move at the speed of the light of the way he constantly explains His thoughts to the categories of people He speaks with. They concluded even at his presence that all he was saying was out of point. He experienced the highest level of stigmatization even from his kindred because of His vision, nevertheless, he never jettisoned his mission or allow their level of thinking about what they thought He was to reduce him to their standard which might not make him fit for the purpose any longer. Why must you tint your vision to what mortal sights can elucidate by extracting away the salient facts? Note that if everyone fail to see your vision and chase it with you for the establishment, they will surely wait to see your results and pay (bow to you) for your vision. Joseph, that so called useless dreamer by his brother, is a perfect example.



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