Praises of Men

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Before God can send anyone out on mission, there are always rules and regulations, principles and commands that must be strictly adhered to by whomsoever he chooses to send for the mission to be successfully accomplished. He that is on God’s assignment but adhered not to the commands of God can never achieve anything better than zero or failure. Note that the adoption of your ways can never aid God in achieving his purpose; it antagonizes the will of God. The principles and instructions of God are the guidelines to fulfilling His purpose on earth irrespective of its inconvenience. Note that If it is convenient it is not commitment.

Once a man jettison the instructions of God, he automatically and simultaneously jettison the assignment in his hand. Honours are only made available for those that acknowledged the instructions (reverence) of God in executing his assignment but on the other hand, shame is inevitable for those that love to adopt their ways in doing the work of the father (God). Note that God does not need your ability in achieving his purposes, he only need your availability because he’s the main ability you need to execute the task (Moses, the one God used to deliver the children of Israelites from the land of slavery is an example of this).

On the contrary, your righteousness should not be boast of; keeping of God’s commandment shouldn’t make you feel so important that you hastily justify yourself or write-off others- Every sinner has a future (hope) and every believer has a past. Note that living righteously is not worth dying for if it is done to receive the praise of fellow mortals. Righteousness can be observed to gain human acceptance and societal relevance but that’s a self-justified righteousness. Being right with God is nothing but following the instructions and the leading of His spirit. God judges man in wholesome but man judges in part which is usually based on their perception and that’s why they usually have a subjective perception because their sights and thoughts might have been distorted.

No matter how intimate some people might seem to be to you, there are still some things (secrets) about your life that are meant to remain undisclosed  to them; it must remain between you and the architect of in your life, God. If you constantly reveal everything that happens in your life to everyone that comes your way because of your level of intimacy with them or to gain their confidence or loyalty, you’re bound to lose your integrity in God soon. God also have secrets and it’s what he chooses to reveal to us that’s ours and as we are gods on earth (since we have the nature of God in us), we are not expected to be void of this nature except we are bastard sons and daughters.

There’s virtually nothing we can do on earth that He (God) is not aware of, no matter how hidden we might think it is. Whatever thing it is that you practice without the knowledge of man is not in any way kept away from the knowledge of God because He sees the secret.

Whatever evil we practice that no mortal being observes or good that we do that no one appreciates is never taken for granted in the diary of God and it will be accurately rewarded by Him that sees the secret.

Those things will surely be rewarded openly, therefore, critically consider your secret life and juxtapose it with the kind of reward you will receive or should be expecting openly.

Note that spiritual activity cannot be carried out in flesh because this is the way of the hypocrites. The hypocrites want to do the will of the father and never wanted to leave the era of being ruled by flesh; they love to express mortality in every spiritual activity in order to receive praises of men. Hypocrites love to serve God but never wanted to be led by the spirit of God- they love to adopt their ways in doing the will of the father. They want to please the father (God) and never wanted to be defrauded of the praises of men. Note that you will not in any way better than the hypocrites the moment you start looking for mortal praises in a spiritual activity/assignment. Let he that sent you commend and recommend you.

Whosoever adopts carnal approach in executing a spiritual assignment/activity can never realize the desired (intended) result.

One of the basic spiritual activities that cannot be carried out using carnal approach is prayer. Prayer is a spiritual communication that takes place between the earthly being and a deity (God). It is the only tool that connects both the celestial and the terrestrial together and there’s a way in which the connection must be done to be effective and the only way, on the part of the terrestrials, is by not adopting the approach of the hypocrites.

Jesus, in the book of Matthew 6:5-6, was not addressing the issue of Congregational prayer here but personal prayer life (in the midst of congregation or without congregation) which should not be done to please mortal being or be tuned to the interest of mortal being. Note that God is not a man that he should lie and he does not owe anyone rewards. For everyone that has practised the spiritual activity as against the commandments of God, there’s a reward for them and it is the praises of men which have no celestial connection or recognition.



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  1. Elijah

    April 19, 2017 at 6:51 am

    God help us… Actually most times flesh may not stop us from participating in spiritual things but it will make sure that we participate in it in order to glorify it (the flesh).
    God help us all to know how to put the flesh under subjection of the Spirit.

    • gbengacornerstone

      April 19, 2017 at 7:50 am

      Exactly sir, we do not want to be defrauded of the praises of men in spiritual things

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