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A gold is a heavy yellow elemental metal of great value. It is an item that can be easily disregarded by whosoever finds it provided that the person is not conversant with it because its facial look is not always attractive until it has been properly refined. But for whosoever identifies it, a gold cannot be thrown away irrespective of its non attractiveness or roughness; it will rather be refined to suit the purpose they long it to be used for. Treasures are adorned and guarded jealously because it meant a lot to the owner; nothing can easily take away the treasure from them, it will take an extraordinary effort. Every owner of a worthwhile treasure usually make an extraordinary effort in safe guarding the treasure even to the extent that the treasure becomes the cynosure of their eyes (their gaze is fixed on it and their thought is dominated by it).

Note that your goal is your gold (treasure), cherish it and strife to preserve it till you’ve achieved it. A man without any goal (purpose they live for) can never score any goal (achievement). The beauty of your goal is not being determined by a house of gold but the number of lives that’s to be exceedingly blessed by the attainment of your goals give a perfect shape and beauty to your goal. The only thing that wakes you up early from bed while others are still in bed, knowing full well that you have somewhere to go is your GOAL.
A person that goes nowhere gets nowhere. He that has nowhere (purpose) to go will see sleeping as an attractive hobby or waking up as early as making life difficult for them.

Note that the difference between he that loves sleep and he that properly manages his sleep is their individual goal.

Whatever pain you go through is worth if it is because of your goal and it is gradually and persistently getting you closer to the attainment of your goals. Note that your extensive and intensive effort in establishing it determines the worth (how well you treasure) of your goal (gold) to you. The attention of many people are easily diverted away from the chasing of their set goal because it is never seen as a treasure (gold) by them or they place little or no value on it. Although, they have it as goal but they are not really convinced by the intending result and they therefore hastily lose focus. A man that sees his goal as an invaluable treasure will never see disappointment as an enough reason to jettison the pursuance of the goal but rather seeks another means to get through to it. The fact that a goal is minute does not make it unattractive or unimportant to chase; the insignificance of a thing does not equate to its uselessness (Gbenga Afuwape)

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Note that not until you set a gigantic goal before you are to see it as a treasure to preserve because every little stream match up to become a mighty ocean. If you’re lackadaisical about chasing and accomplishing little goals, you will never be spared of portraying the same attitude when you’re at an advantage in chasing and acquiring something enormous.

The crude reflection of many people’s purposes had negatively influenced their decision towards it. A man that cannot see or picture future in what he’s doing or about doing is capable of stopping half-way in his journey to accomplishment of purpose at the arousal of a slight wind. Many people gave up soon enough on their goals because they do not know how close they are to success. Your goal (vision) surely will present you an invisible goal post that you might score (achieve purpose) and you will as well have opponents whose aim are to bring your effort to nil or make your several days or years of training fruitless (humiliate you).

Your opponents are in different categories and status and they are made up of different kinds of oppositions that can withhold you from attaining the position of being celebrated and this includes but not limited to financial constraints, mortal discouragement and lots more. But note that irrespective of the sizes, height, age (some oppositions are even older than your parents) and calibre or categories of your opponents or oppositions, scoring goals should be your utmost target because it will make you qualify for the next stage and finally emerge as the winner of the tournament.



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