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A person that does not understand the worth of an item is bound to give the item any kind of treatment they think it deserves or the one that pleases them. The fact that someone has failed to appreciate you or your existence does not reduce your worth, it only meant that the person is ignorant of the best or the abilities you’re loaded with. He/she that is yet to catch the flu of your identity is bound to utter several and diverse things about whom you’re or what you’re composed of. Note that your worth is not only limited to your facial value, although it might complement it to make you get a facial attraction or first class acceptance and recognition, but also your intrinsic value command the worth of your existence.

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Paper money has a facial value of diverse denominations which invariably determines the quality and quantity of marketable items it can purchase in the market, provided that the item has a price. The face value of money becomes the major determinant of its worth the moment it was seared from gold as it used to be in the early years of man’s existence. Many people want to hurriedly do away with some categories of people in their lives because what they are worth to them are being assessed based on their face value (what their mortal sight can behold), and this usually fall largely below their rational thinking or expectations.

Coins in Nigeria in some years back used to be an item that everyone wants to hurriedly do away with because of its lack of portability compare to its face value (the quantity and quality of items it can purchase in the market). Before the advent of paper money when coins used to be invoke as a major means of transacting businesses, the intrinsic value was far above the face value because it was made from precious metals and it was being backed up by gold and because of this then many people were filling the edges of the coins of those days in order to mint another sets of coins. Face value had debased the thinking of many men and had prevented them from seeing the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and the silver lining at the end of a cloud of every situation they are presented with.Many people have missed several tantalizing opportunities in life because they’ve preoccupied their minds with certain features that must be sighted before they can really accept it as being great whereas sealing up their minds against every possible factors that were meant to be factored in, in considering it as a needful opportunity.













Every situation has both their challenges and opportunities.

No matter how perfect a man or a woman might be, they will surely have their weaklings, so also it is to anyone pictured as not too good to human conception, they will surely have their good side too but we have only failed to see them because we’ve conditioned our minds to see their not-too-good lives alone and that’s why many a time, a slight wrong hastily covers up a several years of good deeds of someone in our mind and stirs up our emotions because such error committed by them will be glaringly seen and such might not be expected from them but note that there is no man without deficiency, only grace had found us and make us relevant again and again. Many people have been disappointedly stabbed by emotions because their relationships with people are usually being determined by facial values.

Many have unequally yoked with unbelievers, even in the house of God. Note that the fact that a man or woman could sing very well in church doesn’t make them suitable for marriage, choruses and special numbers are not needed to sustain marriages. They are called sisters and brothers in church but their lives are not free from dent-like activities when they’re out of sight. The world might actively appreciate people of such because of the way they look outwardly but if it pleases not God, it amounts to nothing but squeezes out the juice of God’s presence from their lives.












The people of the world have their custom way of life, irrespective of the church they are identified with.

Don’t be deceived by the fact that someone goes to church regularly, if he/she is yet to forsake his/her old way of life, he/she is not yet different from the people of the world. Note that Judas Iscariot too knew Jesus and he was even an executive (treasurer) in the ministry of Jesus, yet his life was not free of dent. Christianity is not adding Jesus to your old ways of life but allowing Jesus to transform your old way of life to becoming new- don’t live your life in a way that will frustrate God to disown you. Note that you cannot keep following the paths of the world and never run into the hands of the street urchins.

Eye spiritual service leaders are only being praised in the church but they are something else in their closet. Note that the way you’ve presented yourself will determine the way you will be dealt with by people; you cannot expect people to honour you when you’ve failed to appreciate your personal value by behaving immaturely- there must be a reasonable measure of self-control and discipline.

Honour is accorded unto man not as a result of their age as age is just a counting number; it is not accorded unto man as a result of the position they occupy as position is ephemeral; it is not as a result of their wealth as wealth does not buy a lasting respect of people but as a result of the way they’ve paraded themselves overtime. It’s very easy for a teenager to ridicule an adult when they’ve portrayed an immature attitude. The best way to lead people to greatness is to lead by example because it is easier to learn than every other laudable instruction you might tend to give them. Setting an example as a leader easily achieves things that laws cannot achieve. Whenever you make laws and you evade its penalty when you’re being caught by it as a leader, then, your followers will see themselves as not in any way better than slaves to your thoughts or rules and this will make them to disrespect you soon. Let your inner worth complement your outer worth and your outer worth also should be a reflection of your inner worth.

Note that event that will bring you out of obscurity into limelight where people can see and celebrate you might not be painted in flamboyant or friendly colour as your mind might have been conditioned to picture it. It might be events that will bring about frustration and desperation at times.



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