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Stress can be described as a serious tension resulting from an emotional, spiritual and/or societal or socio-economic pressure. The kind of stress that may lives encountered (be it emotional, spiritual, and socio-economic) is a product of an unhealthy or inadequate preparation when they yet married before entering into marriages. Note that a broken home usually results into an emotional instability, spiritual disconnection and societal irrelevance. Several kinds of stress that many people encounter in marriages today would have been effectively evaded while they were yet married but because their bodies hastily became slaves to their emotion; they automatically hire frustration to keep their company in their life journey. Note that your marriage is the operating system of your life which runs every other applications (finance, job, ministry etc.) of your life’s device and if any error is being committed, no application will be able to run successfully or bring out the desired result.

There are three categories of people that human knowingly or unknowingly yoke with and this includes: those made of flesh, bone alone (skeleton), and those made of both bones and flesh.

  • Those made of flesh

These are sets of people with a compelling facial beauty without virtues. Their fleshes attract a first class level of attention but they usually do not have anything great to offer in a relationship; their presence can’t give a meaningful shape to a relationship; their lives are amoebic-like structure. They are usually formless and empty of tantalizing ideas that can bring about a lasting and progressive success in a relationship. Their best idea is usually centred on how to improve their beauty I.e. they give no idea that will not have any positive return on enhancing their look to their spouse or bring material gains to them. In spite of all these, many people still love to yoke with them, they come around them extensively like when ants rally round sugar. They care not to address their contents but mostly being influenced by their containers, and as a matter of fact, because they never wanted to lose the guy or the Lady, they hastily impregnate or get pregnant for them because of several people coming around them.

When someone comes and tells you, “I can’t sleep without you, I love you the way you are and I can put up with your good and bad attitude,” before you commit your heart to such a person, please GIVE IT TIME.

When you just met someone today and feel like marrying him or her tomorrow, before you do, remember you need to give it time.

People with mere facial beauty and no virtues are loved by their spouses to be moved around with but will be deprived of public speech in order to evade public disgrace. They are usually seen as mistakes in their lives because of the constant public disgrace they bring unto them. Note that pregnancy should not lead you into marriage but marriage should rather lead you into having pregnancy. Never attempt to leave your value untouched while you constantly enhance your beauty and size; keep adding value and not just size and beauty. Value proclaims you faster and longer than beauty.

Note that a fool is usually being misinterpreted to be a wise person when they remain silent in a burning conversation. A fool cannot be known when their words are yet heard.

  • Those without flesh or bones only (skeleton)

Internal skeleton serves as a framework of the body. It is clear that the function of the skeleton are of three different types: support, protection, and motion. It gives body shape, protect delicate organs such as kidneys, heart, lungs, brain etc., and helps the body in an effective movement. Note that these people are usually set of people that have less facial beauty that can easily ensnare men’s attention or grant them a first class level of attention and attraction. They have the ability to produce meaningful results in relationship; their presence defines and gives shape to purposes but they are mostly being overlooked because of their lack of facial attraction; beauty (skeleton). Many of the people with the orientation that it is not necessary to dress decently because of the virtues they are loaded with as people will be automatically attracted to them can likely fall into this class of people. Note that facial beauty attracts men but virtues sustain them. Don’t dress abnormally or unacceptably because you’re being ensnared by the thoughts about your compelling virtues. A magnet cannot attract stick- it can only carry along an element that has some particles of its kind.

A good dog deserves a fat bone. If truly you’re loaded with virtues within you, endeavour to complement it with a good care of your body because this is what people will first sight so that you won’t be wrongly matched. Facial beauty can attract men to you but virtues will make them tolerate your idiosyncrasies. Do not leave out your body care because you are well convinced that your virtues will automatically attract men to you- men will never be able to tolerate your look and if they do, they are likely going to dump you when they are done with you because they will only use you to achieve purpose since you cannot be presented in public and they will never want to lose you because of the virtues they might have sighted

  • Bone and flesh

They give shapes to lives, yet they are not void of facial beauty. Although, beauty is relative in terms of persons, but irrespective of this, their beauty is usually satisfactory to an average person. They are epitome of beauty with compelling virtues

To be continued in what went wrong….



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