A House or a Home?

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A house is a structure or building built for living things to dwell in or as an abode of human beings while a home on the other hand is a place of affection, rest, care, refuge and peace. The place where you find an abiding affection is a home; an asylum. Invariably speaking, if you lose your home, love, peace, and rest will become both a sojourner and an alien in your life. Do not misconstrue a house for a home; you might own and live in an expensive, a well decorated and a secured home and yet your life is exposed to a critical danger. Do not chase a house and lose your home; never chase material things and lose love, peace and rest. Many people had because of material things slaughtered their affection- they sacrificed their loved ones to gain wealth, power and relevance. Note that a house without a home (peace, affection and rest) is nothing to write home about and this will be more evil to you than your earlier situation before it’s occurrence. What is it that influences your decision in entering into a relationship, a house or a home?

Never attempt to consider a house first before a home when you are to choose to enter into any relationship. The longevity of any relationship is dependent on the amount of peace, affection and rest (home) you enjoyed and not the wealth (house) in your partner’s possession. Note that any relationship that takes away your peace, affection and rest will successfully take away your life if you fail to break up. Consideration of a house prior to a home before determining who to move on with has become a bait used in catching people into the web of a lifetime torment. Many people usually make effort to deliberately avoid the company of people with little or no social status, power or recognition because they thought that they have nothing to offer them but what of the peace, love and rest- a home if not a house?

You female, you settled down for a man because he has a good paying job or meaningful material things but you are gradually losing your peace, affection and rest because you yoked with him, note that you will soon be buried because you’re close to the grave.
Material things (a house) are substantial evidence to influence your decisions in their favour but do you really care about your love (will he love you in like manner?), peace and rest before yoking with them; won’t you gradually or hastily lose your happiness? Note that it is Worth it to consider whether or not you will still feel at home after settling down with the man before you consider his achievement in terms of material things. If your peace, affection and rest is substantially threatened, please dear, jettison the relationship irrespective of how godly they’ve paraded themselves.

Note that no amount of material thing can a man offer you that can give meaning to your life if your peace, love and rest is at stake

Consider it critically, do you yoke with a man because of his house (material things) of the home (the peace, love and rest you stand to enjoy) you see him built around you? A house made with gold without a reasonable home can never achieve any goal. if you can see a home in a man, building a house will be stress-free but if you are mainly influenced by the house you sight first, you might end up slaughtering your home by settling down for him when you are not meant to.

A gorgeous and an exorbitant house cannot contain or sustain a broken home (a home that is void of rest, affection and peace) but a perfect home can sustain a broken house (things will be adjusted in love)

Many people had found themselves dinning and winning with the enemy they can’t avoid today, even in the pit of hell, because they never considered what effect the relationship they were about entering into will have on their peace, affection and rest but rather thought more about the material gains they stand to benefit in the relationship. Many had also sacrificed their love, rest and peace for glossy material things they could behold with their mortal sight- note that whatever it is that will enjoy longevity are not concrete things but abstract things that are concreted.

Haven’t your thought as a male be in favour of a female because of the house she’s contained in? (Read more on The Content and the Container)
Her facial aesthetics command honour, the financial buoyancy of her parents is something to write home about, she’s an academic scholar and all of these and more have influenced your decision in her favour. Although, there is no gainsaying they are not worth dying for but note that excellent grades in academics does not make up an excellent wife or home; will you still have your peace, love and rest (feel at home) after settling down for her? Note that beautiful flowers attract different kinds of insects whose interest is diverse and unknown until they perform it, and so also it is to a man and woman who clings unto their beautiful houses. Many people will surely come around you but only a few will come to pitch the tent of a home with you.

Note that the fact that a brother or sister speaks eloquently in tongues does not make them to suitably give you the desired and godly peace, affection and rest, those qualities of theirs are just the house that make people to be automatically attracted to them- wise up! bear in mind that the last card of any relationship that takes away your peace, affection and rest is death- beware!
Many spouses are gradually losing their homes (the love, care and peace they share in their family at the earlier stage) because they tend to value their jobs (they believe it to bring them the kind of house they long for and thereby gradually drifting away from their home and concentrate more on job and even when their family need them the most, they are no where to be found) more than homes. Do not chase material things and lose love, peace and rest you enjoy.

The minds of many leaders of today have been heavily dominated by the thought of raising prior to having a home and this is usually reflected in their daily actions. They parade themselves to be much more on need than the people that have voted them into power by adopting several hooks and crook means to manipulate the wealth of the group, state or nation to become theirs. Do you really think by this orientation of yours in building a house before a home people will still long you to be their leader when they know that their love, peace and rest is at jeopardy? To be continued on Bone or Flesh…



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