The Extinguisher

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​ Everyone on planet “Earth” has a different and a custom made earthly mission, although, it might corroborate one another but it is never a duplicate or replica of the other.

Every mission embarked upon has its own critical path no matter how risk-free it might parade itself to be at the initial stage.

Note that being aware of those critical paths of one’s earthly mission(assignment) before time could be regarded as strength in disguised for a paramount preparation, although, this critical path might be so much intimidating that it might want to sway away one’s attention from that which is needed to be done. Note that imitation is nothing but a limitation when it comes to the fulfilment of one’s earthly assignment.

Bear in mind that trying to live the life of someone else that antagonises the fulfilment of your purpose is as at the detriment of your success. Remember that none of the word of the lord will return to him void or without fulfilling the purpose for which it has been sent out. Note that you are the word of God that has been spoken into existence which must not return to him void (without fulfilment); you will surely be questioned and be cast away if such should happen.

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Bear in mind that God is aware of where your dominant abilities can successfully thrive.

Stop complaining about challenges because they are needed and accurately positioned for the shaping of your fulfilment and lasting relevance.

There are basically four (4) categories of places that man as the seed of word can fall into for germination to feed generations of people that have long awaited their presence and this includes, in the midst of thorns, by the road side, on the rock and on the good land. Different terrains come with their possible challenges and benefits. The seed that falls into the thorns enjoy little serenity at the earlier stage of its growth but the moment it starts expanding extensively, it stands the risk of facing an intense piercing in its flesh by the thorns it is surrounded by. In the other vein, thorns can as threat to other animals that might want to consume the leaves of the plants at its earlier stage or when it starts budding. The thorns around the plant prevent the plants from spreading its stems unnecessarily so that it won’t be choked off by the thorns. God allows some situations to surface in our lives to orchestrate us into fulfilment of our life designed purposes.

He allows events like thorns in some people’s terrain to show forth that they might not spread their wing unnecessarily. The seed that fall by the road side is exposed to risk of being trampled upon by the passers-by while it is yet young or the risk of being fed upon by the fowls of the air while it is yet seed but if it can survive the hardship of this threats, it will surely become popular in the midst of the passers-by and every other creatures that were supposed to have devoured it at its earlier stage and those creatures will end becoming the one to publicize its existence in their respective domain when the tree starts producing fruits that are blessing their lives.

The next seed is the one that fell on the rock. This one stand the risk of not even witnessing the soil let alone of developing roots to germinate but the ones that struggles out their ways to locate the crack in the rock or a place where soil can be found usually develop strong root and they are not usually affected by any wind or storm, neither will they be affected by heavy rain nor any variation in weather. For the ones that fall on the good ground, they usually experience a little or no challenges (maybe the challenges of the weeds that might want to struggle with them in terms of nutrient derivation). They hastily germinate to produce fruits faster than others. Note that each of these seeds was strategically positioned to bless lives. The ones in the thorns feed those that dwell in the wilderness of life; the ones on the rock are to feed those that dwell on the mountain; the ones by the road side are to feed the passers-by; while the ones on the good grounds are to feed lives in their respective residence. Note that the terrain you thread is determined by the ground your seed fell into and the assignment you are to fulfil or the generations of people you are raised for. Our paths are different. Stop making mockery of others because of what you can see about them, you might not have survived what they have gone through if you have been confronted by it.

There is a place where your unusual abilities can thrive without publication and there lies your fulfilment of destiny. Serenity should not be allowed to ensnare your heart such that you deliberately forsake the place where your abilities can obtain a meaningful record of recognition, celebration and getting adequate reward because you detest challenges. Remember that the ability of a soldier is not being made known at home but at war and they enjoy it.

Quotes from “Roadbeds for Fulfilment”

Note that your abilities might survive in a place but it might not succeed (thrive) there if it is not your destined place of assignment.

Your reward and celebration is in your place of assignment. Joseph’s (in the scripture) unusual ability (dreaming) survived under his father’s roof but succeeded in the strange land he was sold to (Egypt) which gave him a lifetime recognition. Your destined place of assignment might look so deadly and terrific on the surface (which might likely make you to practically jettison your assignment) but do not be dismayed, he that sent you has a prior awareness of those things and he has a plan for such ahead.

Many people have longed for serenity (turbulence-free zones) and dabble into calamities (existence and relevance evaporating zones) because they long to avert or avoid both physical and emotional stress.

Quotes from “Law of Recognition”

Do not evade local people because you are aspiring to become an international person. Note that local people will be the best instrument to get your gospel to every nook and cranny of those local environments, even to the places where remoteness to information technology thrives intensively and extensively.



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