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The facial expression of an item might command an unfettered acceptance or influences people’s decision to be in its favour but the major determinant of its real worth is its contents or the amount of problems its contents can proffer solution to. The size of a thing is a deceptive way of determining the worth of any item, although it might sometimes be in favour of the seller, most importantly when the item looks physically big, because it helps them to actively negotiate their prices and this works when the buyer is ignorant of the quality of the contents. The buyer is at an advantaged (satisfied) when they get value for their money or value above their money for whatever they purchase at any point in time. Many people have run into troubles because they have been successfully duped by mere ensnarement via surface attraction of many items that are void of meaningful or compelling contents. It is so disheartening today that many dilapidated homes lives in gorgeous and exorbitant houses. They have compelling structures, attractive surrounding and a well arranged interior apartment with indescribable ventilations but their homes (marriages) that are contained in those beautiful structures are on a life-support machine. They  falsify the picture of their wellbeing to the entire populace via the display of their wealth.

Note that your relationship is not to take away your joy (happiness) but rather erase your tears; relationship is not expected to shorten your lifespan but rather elongate it by healing the wounds your earlier experience had caused you or the ones you might encounter in the future.

Stop painting the picture happiness (laughter is not happiness) when you are already embittered- it will only drag you closer and faster to your grave if you fail to see a redress of your wounded heart.

Note that any product that is not fulfilling the purpose for which it is produced is meant to be returned to the factory for a technical check-up and reprocessing. If it lingers in the market beyond the normal due time, the resultant effect can hamper both the brand name and the name of the producer. Same implies to many marriages, they have woefully failed the purpose for which they were instituted and they are expected to be returned to the factory (their starting point to get it right and most importantly God) for a reprocessing. They need to seek a definite redress rather than patching it up continuously- the more you patch it up, the more old and worn it looks. It is worthy of note that any relationship that is void of peace is posing a serious threat on the longevity of your lifespan; beware!

Do not look for sex partners or misconstrue sex partners for life partners. Note that sex partners are not always life partners but life partners are usually life partners

Many inconveniently settled down for sex partners as life partners as against the plans of God for their lives because the unplanned that cannot be do away with crept in; pregnancy. They have deliberately hired frustration to keep their company in their life journey. Note that what makes a marriage interesting, successful and lasting is not limited to having sexual intercourse alone. He or she that has nothing to discuss with you other than sexual intercourse has no value to add to you if you should settle down for them as life partner, they only enjoy your company for the sexual intercourse- beware of this warning signal, they can easily do away with you by the time they are no more satisfied with your sexual company any longer.

Many relationships have become an epitome of prison cells because of the lack of latitude. Both partners have become the watchdog of the others, constraining them in having a sound relationship with others because the family was instituted on the foundation of a breach of trust; sexual intercourse that led to an unwanted pregnancy that cannot be terminated. They keep saying “if he/she could have allowed me to have sexual intercourse with him/her when we were yet married, how sure am I that he/she is not doing the same thing with another person when we are far away from each other.” Trust becomes hampered, and in a place where trust is, love becomes a sojourner. Rancor has found an explicit platform to thrive in many relationships because it is in no way better than a parasitic relationship (one party only remember the importance of the other when benefit is involved) or a commensalism relationship (where one party benefits and the other remains doldrums i.e. he or she neither benefits nor lose). When it is meant to be a symbiotic or mutual relationship (where one party seek not only their interest but also their partners). Note that when eve was brought to Adam, the first thing he saw was not flesh (the outward look; attire, beauty, cosmetics etc.) but the bone (the inward virtues- God given abilities that are capable of corroborating his effort in fulfilling his God-given assignment he had at hand) before his mind caught the attention of the flesh (other physical features that made her presence compelling)…..Read more on the WOMAN and THE MYSTERY OF A HUSBAND AND A WIFE

Do not settle down for money and ignore wealth; your virtues make up your wealth if it can be properly diged. Money can be exhausted but wealth can’t. Note that the fact that you’re inwardly loaded doesn’t exempt you from looking presentably outwardly. You outward expression determines your physical attraction……Read more on Connection and Relevance 

Your outward expression might command an indescribable honour and acceptance but without a tantalizing content to back it up also, your relevance is at the brim of dwindling.

Stop living a life of being a container without meaningful contents- it can hamper your integrity. It will arouse several questions from different walks of life because your integrity (contents) validates your messages (container). Many people have been so deceived by the container to the extent that their contents had remained un-catered for and many graduates can also fit into these categories of people. They believe so much in the attractiveness of their certificates because it packages them for a first class attraction and acceptance at first sight while their contents remain nothing to write home about. They have several degrees but their contributions are never in any way better than debris. A larger percent of every educational institution turnout in many nations are usually junks trained to be employees and not employers- they are trained to be professionals in working for people rather than being professionals in getting people to work for them. Qualifications had made many to be unexpectedly lazy because they believe in the effect of their grades on paper to catapault them to their desired level and by so doing; they create blocks for themselves against every other opportunities of adding values to themselves in such a way that can make them to be more sellable. You are good at wearing both designer clothes and shoes but you are void of thoughts and initiatives that can design a beautiful future for man, what then is the essence of your existence?

Note that the moment you start feeling fine without the presence of your spouse as a married person is the moment the essence and value of your spouse starts experiencing a downturn. The moment you know the reason you fall in love with your spouse is the moment the enchanted spell of love is unveiled off your face.

The day you can attribute the reason you love your spouse to a material thing is the day where a disheartening revolution is about to place in your home.

It is not worth it to have a first class paper (certificates) while your contents are antiquated. It is worth it to have a first class house when your home (marriages) does not even attain a pass mark or on a life-support machine. Note that your content (marriage) will sustain the relevance of your container (house).



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