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Who bewitched you that having a formal education are the basis for achieving an outstanding success and greatness? They keep preaching the gospel of go to school, study hard, graduate with excellent grades so as to secure a good job to you and you are automatically subjected to the ruler ship of many employers because this teachings sink deeply and faster into you thick skull and cripples your initiatives as that is the societal devised way of survival and success.

Note that such teaching is dangerous but I will tell you that being abnormal is the only way to achieving an outstanding success and greatness. Many people are not experiencing outstanding success and greatness in their field of study, even being learned, because they continuously adopt the traditional ways of going viral- they continually want to behave rationally to everyone that they might always be accepted. Take a critical examination of those lives that save experienced outstanding success in their respective fields and you will observe some irrational things about them but abnormality overrules their lives, thinking and pursuits each day.Note that many people’s life will ever remain adamant because of their normality and complacency.

No man can make effort to seek solutions and liberation not until they’ve observed the abnormality of a situation.

Note that great inventions came out of curiosity and non satisfaction which overruled the orientation of normality- curiosity is born out of irrationality and even God was the originator of it all. God observed that how can a place called earth be void of light, filled with flood, lack the existence of the spirit of God, and even without form, then he has to introduce those things via His supreme power. After he had created everything, the word of God said, He looked at everything and they were all good but for man he said it was not yet good because he sighted incompleteness- lack of woman, a help meet. This recognition of abnormality made God to cause a deep to fall upon the first man (Adam) that he might bring out a bone out of his thoracic cavity to create another human called woman, Eve.

The lives of many religious people had remained non-tantalizing because they constantly follow the traditional way of worship like the Sadducees and Pharisees. They have in their thick skulls all the principles that guide their religion but yet to have a personal relationship with God- for how long will you live on the vomit of others? Note that not until you have a personal relationship with God you can’t know how to serve God better.

Many people have severally attended the program tagged “The Experience” yet they have never experienced any positive change because they’ve tagged it to be a normal thing to attend such a program. Note that nothing unusual happens to a person that remains normal or pictures everything as being normal.

The fact that a culture is widely practiced and accepted doesn’t determine its suitability to your destiny and life, stop saying it is normal when it is gradually dragging your destiny to abattoir.

Note that it takes abnormality to glaringly sight contour in a life where others are seeing straight lines. An abnormal person determines his life for a situation while situation determines the life of a normal person- the law of the invisible hand. It is high time you asked yourself the category you belong, normal or abnormal? If situations still successfully control your life like nylon in the presence of wind, you are still nothing but a person living a normal life but if you’ve been able to stand your ground to control situation, define it, and bring out the best out of it when others are fizzling out or seeing limitations, then you’re just operating in the realm of abnormality.

How rational could it be in the case of Jacob, an ordinary man, that wrestled with an Angel of God all though the night and overcame? His irrationality provoked an identity transformation to come into place in His life which led to a generational blessing also.

Let’s briefly dissect the life of Father Abraham, the one in whom generations of people are to be blessed. How rational could it be for a person of such, at that old age, who is privileged to have a child (which he has with all his might and things sought) and God gave him, and still request that the same child should be offers to Him as sacrifice? As He (God) come into his life to complicate matters? Emphatically no! He never argued with God (he was learning to trust God for all his decisions concerning his family) and I believe it must really be an agreement between him and his wife, Sarah. On their way to the land of Moriah for the sacrifice, the son asked the father about the ram to be used for the sacrifice, having seen the fired wood to be used and the father replied that God will provide it but within his heart, he was on a mission to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering to God, what an irrational person! But at the end, God really provided the ram they used for the sacrifice as against the rational thinking of man. This man (Abraham) was named the father of faith today because the way of his life was far away from what the wisdom of men can give a pellucid interpretation to and the word of God said “And Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness” which earned him a lifetime blessing that even every other human being on earth still long to identify themselves with that they might be a partaker of this blessing but the fact is that it takes such irrationality to access a compelling and an exceedingly great blessing of God- it’s obnoxious and far away from the thinking of mortal beings.

Faith is believing on God’s word even when there seem not to be glimmer of hope and this is being irrational to mortal because it us practically against the conventional wisdom since the thought of the world is seeing is believing and that of the faith is believing is seeing- what you can picture, you can capture.



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