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A normal being is a dormant being; they wait for situations to naturally play out themselves without the input or influence of any mortal being.

Note that even the computer that has the ability to perform many functions simultaneously still requires the input of man in form of command via the use of their various input devices such as mouse, keyboard, scanner etc. You cannot remain normal (a dormant being) and think everything will be constantly normal (fall in place) with you. Human life is widely different from a capitalist economy where there is little or no control over events but the forces of demand and supply naturally and automatically regulate prices in the market. It takes a normal being to always accept every season that surfaces in their lives as a normal thing and seeing what their lives reflect as the best that can be achieved in their life but to an irrational person, normality is obscurity (lack of identity and recognition) and can never contain what is within them. The moment they tend to deviate from the traditional way of living, they become exposed to a wide and wild level of stigmatization, even from the least expected person.

Normality has made many people to deliberately dabble into dangerous zones and they got themselves stuck or caught in the webs of limitations; they without reluctance offer their blazing destiny for sacrifice on the altar of flesh satisfaction because it is a normal thing that is invoke in the town at that current age and whosoever fails to practice that as well is termed an antiquated being. For a man’s life not to suffer a dislocation there’s to be an invocation in the spirit realm such that that life becomes a danger zone.

Take charge of your life before those unseen forces take an advantage of you by coercing you into living a life they have indirectly created for you.

Note that a man is usually termed abnormal, although known to be normal, when the rationality of the mortals cannot explicitly define, interpret or explain the intricacy of the purpose he longs to establish. Your abnormality defines your identity (who you are)- a mad man stands out in the midst of mortal creatures; an albino also stands out in the midst of mortal creatures; when you remain normal, it takes time to become known because you have to queue behind several people that are practicing the same thing with you but started earlier than you and with this, you have to struggle for several years before you can find your way to the top but to outrun and outlive them, you must be different- abnormal. Please, don’t confuse this with not having a mentor or role model but our utmost model should be God. What do you think it is that made David, a nonentity, to hastily gain recognition without a monetary publication? It’s his abnormality of killing the giant, Goliath, that has put the entire land of Israel under a siege for days with just a sling and a stone.

It takes abnormality to see success where others are seeing limitations- stop being rational to everyone if you really want to cause an havoc (do something positive, great, impossible and worth dying for) in your generation. Rationality appeals to an ordinary man but irrationality is the language of an extraordinary man. You must be ready to hear some people call you diverse of abusive or obnoxious names such as imbecile, stupid being etc. Why should you give a damn to the sayings of people whose level of wisdom cannot interpret that which you’re loaded with such that it gains a dominant influence on you? Note that if you want to access the unusual (blessing, power, victory etc.) In the kingdom of God, you should be ready to stop being a rational person to everyone around you. It is of a truth that some spiritual forces control our lives but it takes a mortal permission to grant them influence over one’s life.

Do not allow anyone to constrain you in their mentality because their level of wisdom cannot interpret your enablement (inward fillings) such that you neglect your inward fillings and chase after that which you can’t fit into- you are a custom made, you only need someone that can help you fine-tune your raw enablement for it to gain that desired acceptance.

Note that you can’t make effort to come out of obscurity if you’re yet to sight the irregularities about your life.

Isaac explicitly told Esau after praying for him, of which it was not the desired prayer, and he said “and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off your neck.” His final statement to Esau invariably meant that he can’t break off the yoke being placed upon him that day until he has come to the understanding that there’s more greatness to his life than living and enjoying such a constrained life because he, by the words of his father, has been subjected to the control of his brother.

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