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​For every son, there is a father and to every child, there are parents. There is virtually no one on earth that falls from heaven, even God; Jesus, went through this routinized procedure before he was declared a human, although He’s a God in human nature then.

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God himself understands the supremacy and the importance of parents in the lives of children in fulfilling destiny or their life designed purposes and as a result of this, he placed Jesus, even the son of God, under an earthly parental care before he broke away when his earthly mission kicked off.

The importance of parents in the life of children cannot be ruled out because they are divinely positioned into the child’s life to extensively and practically guide and guard the child into the fulfiment of their purposes. Note that many a time, if God wants to correct a child, he banks on the effort of the parents or speak to the child through them. A man that works or walk without parent is liable to majestically dive into a deadly and an unknown trap. Note that without the feathers of the hen, many chicks would have become prey to the fowls of the air; hawk. Note that there is a direct proportional relationship between the longevity of your life and the reverence you give unto your parents. Do you remember this scriptural saying that “ Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long in the land that the lord thy God giveth thee”? Note that you don’t just honour your parents because they constantly provide you with basic needs as at when due or even before you ask but because you have a destiny you preserve and the only condition to enjoying a long and successful life in the land God had pre-ordained you to be is to reverence your parents. Let we hastily dissect some categories of parents that must be actively reverenced in our daily pursuits and this includes:


Many of these categories of parents mostly suffer from a serious lack of  exaltation from their so called children. Many children accord reverences to them base on the amount and worth of the offering they receive from them. The day of many parents pass by without receiving, just even a word of appreciation, from their children. The levels of familiarity children maintain with their parents have hastily made them to conclude that their parents are matured enough and they need not something of such.

Whenever the devil is on a mission to cut short your life span or the longevity of your relevance, he grants you the morale to ridicule your parents while you even feel justified by your conscience.

Many children go about chanting the praises of their mentors, teachers, pastors and lots more while the impacts of their biological parents on them go each day unrecognized, unappreciated and uncelebrated. You cannot do without putting a call through to you pastors and mentors each day and likewise your so called boyfriend and girlfriend but you think your parents deserves not such from you because it is their duties to phone call you always to ask after your welfare and this is as a result of your level of familiarity. It is of a truth that too much familiarity breeds disrespect sometimes.

You could appropriately honour a man of God while you disrespect your God- parents, even in the public glare. Who deserves honour the most? Note that your mother risked her life and beauty to bring you into existence, and at the moment of delivery, the life of your father was floating between life and death. The two parents garnered efforts to ensure that you fulfill purpose (and even if they do not, they are critical to your fulfillment), why would they remain unrecognized. Mike Murdock says “whatever remains unrecognized remains uncelebrated and that which remains uncelebrated will remain unrewarded.”


Men of God are oracles of God. They are usually the medium through which the kingdom God and the mysteries of God find an earthly expression. They carry the DNA of God. Note that a man of God is not only a pastor, neither is it those that bear the name prophet and Bishop nor those that stand on the pulpit to preach (although that is the literal meaning or societal conclusion). But a man of God (irrespective of gender) is the one who keeps the commandment of God and his ordinances. No matter how small, fragile or naïve the person might look, proceeds from their mouths should not be toyed with. Note that title or attire is not a factor in determining who a man of God is. Remember that the presence of God has departed from Saul (the king of Israel) 30years while he was still reigning as the king over Israel. He was meant to be the spiritual head via the presence of God in him but he was just a figure head.

Note that the recognition David gave to the anointing of God upon Saul gave him a kingly acceleration and promotion but Saul failed to recognize the fact that David also was an anointed man of God while he was busy chasing him to kill but this cost him his life and his throne.

Apostle peter could secure an eternal covenant that “Upon this rock will I build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail over it” because he recognized the identity of Jesus Christ. Note that your relevance, success and manifestation are tied to your recognition of a man of God, never attempt to ridicule a man of God, irrespective of what you have heard or see about them.


At every point in time, God usually position different categories of people into our lives whose presence are crucial to the fulfilment of our existence. Without the presence of these people in our lives, existence might be wasted and presence unknown. Note that it might not be a family member or someone you have a social tie with but they can be hired by God to orchestrate events that will catapault you to the next phase of your life.

Note that parents are sets of people whose interest lies in seeing you fulfilling destiny and this might not be your biological parents.

Note that the more security you get the less freedom you enjoy and the most secured place that men can offer you is the prison yard and that’s why it is called maximum security. Some people will be positioned in your life to initiate or complete the events that will expose you to the essential but not glaring abilities within you that are capable of catapulting you to the areas where those abilities will be glaringly identified, celebrated and adequately rewarded. Note that we learn different lesson from those that pass through our lives each day; some are painful while some are painless but all are priceless. Anyone that God uses in initiating change in your life such that it empowers you to chase the fulfilment of your life designed purpose is your parent; they might not be intimate friends with you but enemy you need to succeed or to identify purpose. Do not because of your lustful or uncontrollable urge to get something in a crooked manner hamper or jeopardize the image or personality of him whom God has used to redeem you; never trade their image.


If you are a kind of person that derives pleasure in rebelling against authority, you are only exposing yourself to a raging storm of forces that can easily drag your destiny to an extinct abattoir. Note that you are far away from enjoying the benefit of being promoted by the boss you have failed to keep his words. Note that when the enemy was bent on the mission to drastically reduce the success of the Israelites in the land of Egypt such that their influence will never be felt any longer after the demise of Joseph, the only thing he did was to raise a king that seek not after the welfare of strangers in order to make life uncomfortable for them (although part of the plan of God from the inception).

Many people had derived religion in cursing the authorities (political leader, religious leader, organization leader etc.) over them but unknown to them that the more they curse them (leaders) the more their attitudes towards them (people) reflects the curse they’ve successfully placed upon them by their own self and this will make life more difficult for them.

Know ye not that anything that rules over you has a strong influence on your success? You derive pleasure in constantly breaking the laws of the land when it is not against the commandment or the laws of the highest, note that the sword of the law will soon taste your blood. Note that those that went scot-free in the scripture having violated the laws and they even had the backings of God when they were prosecuted, although they were vindicated, were those that broke those laws because it was against the commandment of the living God. You obey not the laws of the land when it is not against the commandment of God because you think you are a man of God, they will soon soil your long-range built reputation.

  • GOD

God is not meant to be a part of your life but the centre of your life- the pivot. Note that without the pivot, scissors cannot achieve any of the purposes for which it was created. The pivot put it in shape and makes it to be totally fit for the purpose it was created for and not an amoebic life. He who assumes God to be unimportant in his life or pursuits conclusively defines his life to be a reputable failure. Note that it is what you have asked and received from God that you can seek and find in your daily pursuits. God is the main reason for your existence, the moment you tend to overlook God, your existence is immediately being cut off.

God can do all thing and those are things pertaining to mortal being, nevertheless, there are some things pertaining to his nature and identity that he cannot do and those things includes: he cannot lie, he does not share his glory etc.

the moment you start eulogizing yourself or attributing the gravity of your success to mortals, you stand the chance of losing His parental care. Note that there is a limit to the extent in which flesh can go. Even the son of God, Jesus, identified this and he had to leave the rest (although he perfected the work of the flesh but left the perfection of the spirit to Holy Spirit) to the spirit by making a promise of sending the spirit to his disciples. If you acknowledge the parental care of God, you will allow your life to be a habitation for his spirit so that he can constantly have an unbroken conversation with you



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