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At every point in time God speaks mysteries; morning by morning new release of mysteries. He is an embodiment of mystery but he needs an earthly expression of His mysterious nature that his ways can be made known on earth in the midst of mere mortals and this is the reason he longs for the availability of men; those that have properly positioned themselves for the release of His mysteriesGod needs the availability of the son of man to effectively make known the earthly expression of His nature as God; He needs him who’s clothed with flesh and blood runs in his veins and arteries.

Earthly expression of God’s kingdom via mortal or in mortal is the simplest form of interpreting God’s supremacy. Many people had found religion in complains and excuses, they give diverse reasons when the lord decides to choose them as a point of reference for an earthly expression of His glory.

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Many a time, we make serious, critical, self-justified and negative assertions about the completed work of God that he’s only seeking whom to honour with it via mere obedience to his commands. We immensely lament and furiously complain because we think we have justifiable reasons to excuse ourselves of God’s assignments.

Note that before God can call or choose you for the execution of any of His assignment he’s aware of the probable bottlenecks you might encounter-stop telling God what he knows of aware of again.

Note that the intimidating expression you could see is only to get your attention off your assignment. God is aware of your deficiencies before he chose you. Know you not that he is aware of what he is getting you into? He has the perfect knowledge of the place he’s sending you to (how cruel or ungodly, how rebellious they are or the composition of their humanity) before he chose you. We think we are smarter by presenting our self-justifiable reasons to God because we thought it will be tenable enough to be excused of God assignment. He knows the categories of people he’s sending you to

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…to a rebellious nation that have rebelled against me.”
Ezekiel 2:3

He knows the likely challenges you can face, the possible obstacles that can confront you. He knows that they are still very active in their wayward ways of life (yet to repent) – not that they were once living a non repented life. But before God can choose you for this set of people, he had critically considered it and he had made a serious and solid plan to be in place. God has a plan in everything he orders man to do but his plans or ways might remain unknown (vague) to you not until you patiently and practically follow his instructions. God is not a clueless being.


Note that the moment you start feeling good without the presence of God is the beginning of the time the enemy starts dicing with your destiny because at that moment you are not in any way better that a suya meat to the enemy.

Remember that God do not call without the purpose of glorifying the called- his call is with honour. Whenever he calls for a purpose he’s just ready to reveal his glory and he’s found you relevant; what a great privilege! When a call comes, it is to make you stand out in the midst of the multitudes that your unusual abilities might be known and celebrated.

Remember Ananias in the book of Act, he complained about the lifestyle of Saul (the persecutor) when God told him to go and pray for him and tell him what he will do because he never knew it’s a completed work of God, he just wanted to honour His name in Ananias via that. Note that when God demands your time, monetary values, effort, when it is void of convenience, he has a plan and heaven is bent on provoking an unusual move of the dynamic presence of God in you. Sometimes we become indescribably stingy with our resources whenever it is being demanded by God because we are ignorant of the operation taking place in heaven because of you to bless you till the moment pass by.

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A prompting comes into your spirit at night such that you immediately become conscious after sleeping for a long time in the midnight so that you can hastily take an advantage of the ongoing spiritual operation but it’s a pity for many, the first thing they remember is their mobile phone and they immediately log in to their social media.

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The widow of Zarephath did not take the moment of her uncommon blessing for a joke. Although, she first complained of not having enough but the moment she sensed the activity taking place in the heavenly places because of her, she without reluctance obeyed the instruction of the prophet and this alone provoked a divinely orchestrated blessing and an instantaneous attention to her needs. Note that this does not happen frequently but rarely and it is only those that can raise their spiritual antenna above others that will successfully take an advantage of those moments- he has a plan because he knows how inconvenient it is for you.



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