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When God is not involved, the best person you think you can turn to for help will be nothing but a greatest level of disappointment you have ever encountered in life, but when God is involved, the most disappointing terrain to others rapidly becomes the most favourable terrain and best for great success– one will find favour even in the sight of the least expected person. When you have the backing of God in any situation, every fiery furnace looks like a refrigerator and you walk unto it without giving it a second thought because he got your back.




When God is involved, even though challenges become copious, success will remain inevitable.

The fact that God is involved doesn’t exempt one from being faced by threats of situations, also you cannot avoid briers and thorn-like situations but irrespective of this all, they can never overcome us. Note that you cannot be effectively motivated to serve God the more until you have had a personal encounter with God. The only thing that connects you or your gift with the place of manifestation is your destiny helper.

Your gift will only remain a gift and never find an expression if you’re yet to locate the place where the need for it has been created. Note that the abilities (gifts) within you are not just mere depositions but because there is a need for it somewhere (solutions to someone’s problems) but until there’s a connection between you and the place in which it will be fully expressed, it will amount to nothing. The only connection between you and your place of manifestation and celebration is the destiny helper.




No matter how gifted you might be, without the effect of a destiny helper, your gift might remain uncelebrated and unrewarded.

Destiny helper even might be ignorant of that which they are doing to you many a time (helping you in fulfilling destiny) because God usually keep it secret but hire them to orchestrate events that will catapult you into manifestation. Sometimes, God might decide to raise a catastrophic issue in the land because someone has to be blessed at that moment. Remember the issue of Obed-Odom. Immediately someone (Uzzah) was struck dead for touching the ark of God unscrupulously while bringing it back from the camp of the enemy, the king thought it to be good to send this ark that is now killing human to the house of that nonentity (Obed-Odom) at the outskirt of the land rather than taking the ark into the land and risking the lives of the inhabitants of the land. They thought it to be evil by taking the ark to Obed’s house but they never knew it’s God’s plan to use the event to change his status and identity.

When the heaven is bent on raising a man from the state of being a non entity to identity (recognition and celebration), he initiates events that will only recognize one’s innate abilities or gift as its major and only solution to the problem (events) in the land. For example, God tinted the heart of the Philistines towards the preparation of a wide and wild battle against the Israelites. The battle was so fierce that even all the trained soldiers (that have gone to several battles and conquered) of Israelites became timid that they could not even come out of their hidden places to confront the uncircumcised warrior; Goliath, and this is not their fault but because their abilities were never the solution to the present event but David’s. Their abilities were to be put on hold because someone needs to gain recognition.

David came out without being armed (as a normal soldier does) to address the situation that trained soldiers couldn’t resolve several days (even with their several years of battle experience) and it was settled within hours and this gave him an unusual recognition even beyond what the king has ever earned.

The same thing happened to Joseph in the land of Egypt when king pharaoh had a dream. In spite of the numerous numbers of the magicians the king was surrounded by, none of them could give a befitting interpretation to the King’s dream but only the unusual ability that has been deposited in Joseph because his identity needs to be changed at the moment. The mouth of all the idols of the land (Egypt) were automatically (if at all they speak) shut until the work has been perfected in Joseph’s life.





Everybody is born genius…Albert Einstein. Genius according to Robert T. Kiyosaki is an acronym for “geni-in-us”- the genie or magic in each of us.

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Many students graduated with poor results not because they were dullards but because the academic system had failed to recognize the magic in them. Many people had remained dullards to situations of life because the situation had failed to recognize the genius (magic) in them.

Quotes from “Laws of Recognition”

Note that many of your abilities will remain inactive until there is as an initiation of events that your abilities will be the main and only solution to it. David would have never been better than a mere shepherd in the wilderness if there’s no event of the war of the Philistines; Joseph would have remained a chief prisoner if there was no dream by the king that no other person could interpret.

Quotes from “Bait of Satan”

Your deficiencies (height; dwarfism or gigantism, stammering etc.) Is never you weakness to fulfilling destiny, God only need to initiate events that will only recognize your abilities as the main solution while other people’s abilities are to be put on hold for your arrival to be announced. The demand for your abilities have been created somewhere, you only need events that will announce its presence to you. Many people get exasperated and confused when they are being laid off from the establishment they work with. Note that the event is to catapult you into fulfillment of destiny.

If your employer had known that they are only helping you in fulfilling destiny, they might not have allowed you to go soon but God sees that won’t want to leave soon too and he manufactured the event because the lives that are to serve under you are still roaming the street, yet to find somewhere to place their heads because you’re (never want to leave) yet toying with their destiny. Sometimes, God might allow you gain admission into a Tertiary institution later than others because the person you are to journey with for the fulfillment of destiny in that institution might yet ready for the processing of their admission into that same tertiary institution and provided that you’re permitted to gain admission before the person, you might miss the person because arrogance might have so much consumed you to the extent that you’re proving seniority to the person and never wanted to have anything doing with the person because you’re ignorant of the role the person is to play in your life in fulfilling your destiny. I’m a living testimony of this.



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