Conspiracy- The Law of the Hidden Truth

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What kinds of legacy do you lay- the one that men should hastily wipe the thinking out of their memory or the one that can stand the test of time? Note that the potency of your contributions will determine the validity and longevity of your relevance. There has been a high flying conspiracy going on in our society in various organisations which are strong enough to negatively affect the destinies of younger generations of people and whatever it is that can affect destinies can make the relevance of existence futile.

Many religious bodies have deliberately and successfully omitted some basic topics such as sex, money, relationships, kingship issues etc. from their teachings because they thought that those subject matters are not too good for religious settings. Many religious leaders sentimentally concluded that teaching such matters in a religious setting is like a deliberate deviation from the holistic values of their religions. What kind of children are we raising- spiritual vagabonds or those that can be easily overthrown or molested by the basic truths because they are ignorant of it? Lack of proper sex education or wrong sex education of the concerned parties have made many youths and teenagers on street to profess to be virgins (hymen unbroken) while every other openings in their body have remain a suitable medium for satisfying their burning sexual urge. Every opening in their body has become a point of contact for an emotional sexual intercourse satisfaction and they tend to give it different names such as oral sex, anal sex etc. because of the modern day orientation they have been exposed to is that a lot could be done to suppress the effect of your sexual urge but the bed should remain undefiled till marriage. That now got me thinking that what is their definition of being virgin till marriage? Then I got to know that they only meant hymen unbroken but immorality not dealt with. Many children fell victim of unwanted sexual intercourse at their early age because they have no access to proper sex education (sex education is far more beyond prohibiting your children from having an opposite sex individual as buddy). Many parents belief that their children are too young to be exposed to such and they deliberately hid the truth about sex away from them. Note that anything that you deliberately omitted to teach in the church or at home because of your sentimental belief, that are critical to destiny fulfilment will surely be taught in the world but in a wrong direction. The children you’ve failed to teach about sex will surely be taught by the people of the world and they will even enjoy and belief more in the definition and explanation given to them by the world. Some individuals are living a compromised or a condition response life because they lack a proper financial education. Many people also fall victims of robbers without mask while they still call them soul mates because they are empty of education about relationship (they see relationship as a balm to ameliorate the pain life has caused them). The children you’ve failed to teach about academics (education) will only be able to survive in school system (bookworm) and struggle on the street; they will be full of theories but empty of innovative ideas. They will never see education as a precursor to success but as an end on its own when it is a means to an end. Many parents lose control over their children because they are taking a reactive measures rather than proactive measures in the upbringing of their children. They fail to expose them (take an advantage of their hearts when it is yet tender) to the hiding truths at their tender age so that they will grow with it while growing but when they now see that them manifesting some qualities that antagonises their believes, then they will start running helter skelter in correcting the anomalies but unknown to them that before the lives of their children can manifest such, knowing fully well that they have an overly protective parents, it must have eaten deep into their bones and marrows.

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Many of our overly protective parents usually raise junks of liars as children because they fail to tell them the reason they are expected not to do a thing of such (the basic truth).

We deliberately keep our children ignorant of some critical and destiny fulfilment determining subject matters as a result of our sentimental believes that we are to holy to discuss such because we belief it will contaminate their thinking. Note that quietness does not translate to mean meekness- a fool is never known when they are yet spoken. If you deliberately keep your children ignorant of that which is meant to be known from you in thy fatherly and motherly role, they will surely learn it from the world in their own style. Note that keeping them ignorant of those vital issues that are critical to destiny will be at their own detriment.

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You forcefully drive away everyone that comes around your children without giving your children an explicit and an understandable explanation for doing so or you motive behind it because you think such act demands no explanation since you’re only trying to protect them, you’ve only embarked on a mission to deliberately sell you children to the world. Note that the more the security you think you offer them by your own ‘conducive correction’, the more freedom they assume they lose and the most possible means of survival you’ve offered them will surely be seen as nothing but a disguised bondage while they long for freedom. Note that the reason many children lives a conspicuously different (odious) lifestyle while they are away from parents and when they are with them is because the world had already exposed them (taken an advantage of them) to some truths (pseudo truths) in a wrong way before their parents could and they (children) pretended to be ignorant of those thing while they are within the sight of their parents – they behave as if nothing has changed.

We are in the era of life where technological advancement is experiencing both a geometric growth and an undisputed advancement, and the younger but growing generation’s eyes are rapidly and widely opened to gaining a tremendous insight into the use of this latest development in technology. Note that the younger but growing generations are smarter and they really want to explore life because of what they can see around them- tell them nothing but the truth so that you won’t stand the risk of losing them to the world.


Many people make out effort to gorgeously dress for photographs while they remain undressed or poorly dressed for fortune- they have photo album but lack fortune album. Know ye not that photo album reminds you of your past while future or fortune album will continually remind you of your purpose or your reason for existence.

Learn to prepare for life and your children too must not be left out.



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