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If you lack control over your thoughts, it means you lack control over your life; your thoughts can easily and successfully take you off the track of destiny. What is it that navigates your thoughts each day?

Whatever it is that navigates your thoughts each day coordinates your life and this invariably becomes that shepherd of your life. Sheep happens to be one of the calmest domestic animals. They are at many times easily being torn apart by other wild animals  in the wilderness because they seem weak and somehow have nothing to defend themselves. Sheep usually submit themselves to the lordship of a shepherd via the use of rod in putting them in order. Sheep usually acknowledge the presence of a Shepherd and never deviate from a course when there’s rod for direction with the Shepherd. Same thing applies to man.

Whatever it is that our mind is connected to becomes the shepherd of our lives, while our thoughts remain the rod used by the Shepherd in controlling our dear lives. Do you believe in success at all before you embark on that pursuit? Note that defeatist’s thoughts are usually coordinated by failure. Our word is a proof of how aligned we are to our destiny (what we think about) because wherever one’s treasure is, there lies one’s heart and as a matter of fact it will be so much written over you to the extent that one’s word will be dominated (validates) by the confession of such.

Mistake is born out of activity. No idle man can make mistake.

Mistake exposes man to the reality of copious or new ways of getting things done. Note that a man that make mistake is in many ways better than a man that remains idle because via his mistakes, he could pinpoint the areas of his life or pursuits that requires an immediate attention and a continuous adjustment. You cannot learn without doing and in the course of doing many a time, mistakes are often make made and errors committed. You don’t learn swimming while on the land you have to jump into the water.

Everyone’s life expresses their daily thoughts and actions that they will love to take. Note that the little stream of thought in your mind can coagulate to become a large and mighty ocean which is capable of strongly determining the next phase of your life; sweep you into a baseless ocean or where you presence will be most vital and contributions cannot be written off when executed. You’re mostly being run over by many invisible things because you hastily lose your cart. Note that if you want to know the mind of people many time, what you need to do is just to patiently listen to their words and properly dissect it.

“You cannot get out of the way of

things you cannot see moving towards you.” Dr. Buckminster Fuller

If vehicle should move towards you, you can see and hastily get out of its way, but how do you get out of the way of things that remain toxic and invisible yet moving towards you? Many people become strength-less at times whenever they are consumed by emotion which is the product of their thoughts and their thoughts become the rod in which the shepherd (devil or God) uses in controlling their destiny. Some also become defenseless and easily torn apart when they are consumed by emotion. You hastily and submissively submit your controls to emotions when just a little thing, be it negative or positive, happens around you such that you without reluctance submit your overall control to the ruling power of emotion in such a way that could lead to a hasty vaporization of the euphoria of your hard earned success or complicate an issue that can be easily resolved. An uncontrollable emotion can lead to a noticeable destruction. Note that nothing can happen to you outside the knowledge of the control of the rod of your Shepherd (thoughts). Successful people usually have the thought about success dominant in their thinking and that’s why they’re constantly on a search for a lasting solution which is building a wall of brick rather than building a house of straw because going other way is nothing but living in contrary to their mission. Success does not accidentally manifest. Wherever your treasure is lies your heart (thought) but if you think you are void of peculiar treasure or something that’s what celebrating, you can never escape being enslaved by the thoughts about failure. Your thought is the brain box of your life while your life is the manufacturer of the quality product of your thoughts.

Your past is behind you, your future is ahead of you while your today is the bridge you have for a glaring transition into the future you desire.

Do not allow the thoughts about your earlier mistakes keep you back in slavery position while the time to pursue your future keeps swinging away. Note that there are two sets of distinct personalities whose presence cannot be physically seen but felt and they both long to derive a perfect and an explicitly glaring expression of their majesty on earth and this can only be done via him who’s clothed with flesh and blood constantly runs in both his veins and arteries and these are God and Devil.

Devil do not need to bother himself with creating cyborgs (machines) in destroying mankind but he only need to hire the service of man with a creative but destructive inventions to bring his quest into reality.

Isn’t your daily thoughts helping the devil to fulfil his intentions on earth? The revelations of God’s kingdom and majesty on earth are not done through angels but man. The question here now is that whose glory does your life reveals; whose gospel does your life proclaims? Note that the glory of the one your life reveals is determined by the one whose thought is dominant in your thinking. Critically peruse your life because you cannot draw up conclusion on those aforementioned questions until you have holistically dissected and assess your life. What do you think about always? Note that a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

An offense is like a pregnancy in a woman that has delivery or expiry date. If the pregnancy refused to be delivered in its due date, it becomes a burden to the carrier and the longer it stays the burdensome it becomes to the carrier and the more inconvenience it posed on the carrier. You cannot carry offense longer than it is meant to be in your body and think you will be fine; it will be nothing but a traumatic experience. You will be disturbed emotionally, affected psychologically, thwarted attitudinally and end up living a life that only reflects the shadow of you. No one has been able to successfully do this to you other than your emotion. You become unnecessarily heavy because of the thought about the offense you carry about and too much load on your health will only hamper both your growth and movement.

Note that an unusual urge to give (forgive) is usually activated in man when everything around him cease to have value; the value of things around him hastily vapourize in his thinking and it has no effect on him for out giving them



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