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The strength and the survival of a building is rooted in its foundation- it is usually being determined by the composition of materials, quantity and the quality of items coupled with a careful and an efficient blending and application of those items in order to bring out an effective or the desired output. Before any foundation for any building could be laid, futuristic plans must be factored in, in the planning phase of the decision making process.

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Many house owners had it in their plans to build a duplex at the initial stage but not long after the building operation has commenced (ground surface level had begun) the thought about building a skyscraper hastily crept into their memory (it attracted their attention) and that is not a crime but they consider adjusting the foundation to suit the latest development as not being prudent with the resources (time, financial resources, materials etc.) at their disposal. Isn’t it rational to get there and safe than to get there early and fatally wounded?

Note that if a crack should occur to any part of the building, it can be easily and successfully adjusted but if the crack occurs in the root (foundation) of the building, the entire structure has to be demolished before a repair can be done. You want a better life (future) but you’re lackadaisical and complacent about your today (the days you can see and actively do something about in order to redeem your future from the vulture that punctures).

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You long and pray or hope for a better family or home but you have become a specialist in sleeping around with anyone (taming both the novice and people that are of your type into having sexual intercourse) because you think it is the only privilege you have before entering into a conjugal bliss (you see marriage as a modernized version of slavery) and you are by so doing happily sabotaging the treasures that could have contributed to the success of your family on the altar of transient self pleasure.

Know ye not that sexual intercourse entails a spiritual transaction (it has a spiritual implication) and one of the major ways of commercialising spiritual embargoes is sexual intercourse (every family has its own spiritual embargoes except if the family members had made serious efforts in prayers towards breaking the yokes of the embargoes).

If you really long to partake more in the spiritual transaction of exchanging treasures for embargoes, put more effort in having sexual intercourse with diverse humans and then can your life be declared as a platform where legions of demonic forces and embargoes operate unhindered. Note that for a capsule of drug to effectively perform the purposes for which it was created, none of its components must be wrongly combined or found missing or insufficient. Note that you might be very close to the pulpit and yet be extremely far away from the gate of the heavenly kingdom; being close to the church’s pulpit is never a criterion to entering into the heavenly kingdom.

If you think you’re good at being complacent or lackadaisical about your life thinking that no one dares stand to say you are not right, you will shortly be summoned for a rigorous interrogation by your children on what you have done to their futures when they were yet unborn. You leveraged the future of your children to pay for your mistakes today; their lives and future are not of paramount importance to you.

Evolution takes place at the speed of light but you are blind to it going about with the stone-age mentality. If you refuse to move with the space of time, your relevance will need to be sustained by the help of a life support machine or be totally wiped out.

Aren’t you the type of person that can survive in the academic system (school) but struggle on the street- academic guru, but lack the insight on how to turn that which you know to money. Chase priorities so that you won’t suffer from the dearth supply of basic amenities. Many people do not have a reasonable cash flow but they squeeze out themselves to get money for a sophisticated cell phone in order to live a sophisticated life of which they are only deteriorating the states of their lives by such decision. You immensely contribute to the wealth of someone you’ve never seen because you want to live a sophisticated life while your means of survival and relevance is being deprived of adequate attention.

Many are seriously move by gadgets (luxurious items) but they exceptionally lack qualities that will make them to be more marketable even ion the faces of odds. Why would you chase after cell phone when your cash flow is on life support machine for survival? Note the one who invented cell phone was not being consumed by the thought of using a luxurious machine in order to proof his complex life to people but he was in a rigourous search for a sustainable cash flow; income, for himself and he discovered the reason for the invention of a cell phone through which he can derive a sustainable cash flow for himself. Note that it is not the kindness of a butcher towards you that makes him to slaughter cow daily in order to sell meat to you for your consumption (so that you daily meal will not be without meat) but he longs to have a sustainable cash flow. Note that cash flow is consistent and uninterrupted income overtime while salary on the other hand is an income received after a several days of work and it is usually being fixed at the beginning of the employment contract. Salary is not usually dependent on the earnings of the firm; whether the earnings of the organisation dwindle, remain constant or increases, it will remain unyielding- perfectly inelastic. It is being reviewed at the discretion of the employer.

Note that the investor realised the opportunity cell phones presented for cash flow. The real money is not the paper money you carry about in the purchase of commodities but the element contained in your cranium; brain. If your entire house is filled with paper money and you are poverty stricken upstairs you are in no way better than a glaringly seen wretched man but if you physically lack paper money at present and you are an embodiment of knowledge, you have a very huge chance of success.

Note that being dubious can make you porous and if you are not plain, you easily be slain by the words of men i.e. everything said by men will always hurt you because you have threaded the path of hypocrisy. Many people cannot pinpoint the reason they do things.

They simply do it because that is the way they were taught or they think it to be the right way of doing things and this is what Dr. Ivan Pavlon termed condition response. Your condition might have given you several reasons to live a frivoulous life but you might choose to resist the conditional response by defining your life appropriately. You cannot because God cares for you and start living in a non hygienic environment or exposing your food and drink items to things that can easily get them contaminated; you are liable to die young. You can’t give yourself poison and think another man will die.

Note that living a healthy life is not only limited to eating good food or living in a hygienic community but it also includes letting go of the offences you harboured within you.



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