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When you were still nothing but a toddler, no one gives a damn to whatever you do; any unethical behaviour you portrayed then was never being questioned because no one expects you to get it right at such stage, but now that you’re fully grown, is your thinking and behaviour still being dominated by that of a child or the one you’ve grown to become?

Note that it is expected of every student to be both a critical thinker (such that they can anticipate likely challenges and work on possible solutions) and a reader but if you think it is quite difficult for you to inculcate the habit, it will be wiser for you to get off the train of academics soon enough and engage yourself in something where your abilities can be well optimized. If you are zealous enough, you might have even break new grounds in your pursuits earlier enough before those struggling with having a formal education or certificates to work under some likely employers are done and you might even be lucky enough to employ some of them. Note that formal education will not bring food to your table but it will rather show you the pathway if at all you can only interpret the data into information. Having formal education does not automatically translate to success or wealth (although you’re learned) but much is required in translating the output derived from having a formal education into solutions that generations of people are longing to behold so that you can be on a high demand side.

Why would you need to keep struggling with being an athlete (competition) when you’re allergic to bodily exercise or physical stress; why would you choose to become a soldier (even soldiers of Christ) if you find it difficult to ignore pain or never want to be hurt? Note that no fish can swim without its body touching water; no bird can fly without raising its feathers up high in the sky. Many children long to be a medical practitioner but many of them detest seeing wounds or blood. You profess to detest the conversation of the ungodly yet you keep company with no thought of even convincing them to forsake their evil ways, what then do you stand for- a pseudo lifestyle or the one you profess to live?

The level of your success is heavily dependent on the understanding of your identity- your uniqueness determines your relevance. Never allow anyone to humiliate you via the proceeds of their mouths; you were born special. Note that parading yourself to be like others will only amount to a gradual but gross deviation from the purpose you stand to fulfill. Why will you continually compare yourself with someone? Note that you have different characteristics and that depicts your identity.

Remember that a lion will not because it belongs to the same family with dog (carnivorous animals) condescend to the level of being a dog because its identity as the king of animals antagonizes it to operate as such. Never attempt to entangle yourself with things that can debase the worth of your royalty or expose you to mockery- it is never called pride but self-worth. Do not because of your lustful or uncontrollable urge to get something in a crooked manner cooked, hamper or jeopardize the image of he who God used to raise you to stardom or redeem you because you’re now in charge and has the power to do and undo; never trade their image for benefits.

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You love compliments and eulogies’ but you’ve never done anything to warrant it and people constantly accord it unto you, note that it’s neither a word nor song of praise but that which depicts your gradual death or draws you closer to the grave. They are only singing your praise to the grave. You love to receive an uninterrupted payment or income but you joyfully and remorselessly skips duties and you’re also one of the people that clamour whenever the payment of your earnings tarry, you’re nothing but a robber without mask; you love to experience God’s presence and his blessings but you detest being faithful to him, keeping his commandment and obeying his words; you love the rewards of being a teacher and likewise the title but you have nothing to offer your children or students whenever they approach you (yet you’re boastful of your profession), you’re a shameless being, it is better you rescind, because you will soon be disrespected by the least expected person- your respect in your profession has a connection with what you know or the solution you’re capable of proffering. Note that even the greatest teacher (Rabbi)- Jesus, earned his respect from people and sustained his relevance by constantly exposing men to the realities of what is needed by man to fulfilling their existence (he was never found wanting in his role as a teacher). If you can be easily predicted as a teacher, your relevance and respect is at stake. You call yourself a father or mother but you constantly lay claims on several things as excuses for your dwindling love, care and attention for your family. Note that your children will shortly disrespect you or fill up the vacuum your absence had left them with something else and leaving no trace of your absence or that you were once present in their lives.

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When will you practically stop putting the blames of your inefficiencies and failures on the government? You blame the government for the problems you created by your lackadaisical attitude and deliberately fueled by your inconspicuous intentions yet you concluded that they were caused by the government and you long that they solve it. I feel somehow hurt sometimes because it sounds disgusting when students that failed to prepare for exams still have the effrontery to blame or rain down curses on examiners for their academic misdemeanors (failure).

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Never attempt to jettison positive attitude, good mannerism, sound dressing and social etiquette when relating with people because the word of God says none shall lack his mate. Note that you will be more than being found wanting because men will automatically retract from you. As a believer, the fact that you have a compassionate father does not give you the privilege to bastardize his glory- If we’ve been justified by faith, we are expected to live in like manner which is in accordance with the justification we’ve received. Living a life that detests correction will amount to nothing but destruction; you will have the shame to bear. Never attempt to live a care-free life because you read in the scripture that our father in heaven cares for us and as a result of this you stop being a creative thinker, business strategist or you become a gluttonous believer such that you’re never watchful of your daily intake any longer; lack of proper hygiene.



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