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Life is multifaceted I.e. individual person has different views of it. Do not attempt to castigate anyone because of your level of perception about them; your view about their situation should not make you fall victim of castigating them. Note that the definition of beautiful is relative in nature.

What you see or define as beauty is what another person sees and throws up. Do not make life difficult for others to receive help by your way of thinking. What you term abominable might be the best food for someone else or the most needed for survival for someone. Every woman and man on earth is the best of their kind and they all are beautifully and wonderfully made; do not by your perception about them write them off.

Every man can never be handsome and appropriate in the sight of every woman, and so also is every woman can never be the most beautiful and appropriate for every man but irrespective of the deficiencies people might have made references to in their lives, they still remain the best, the most handsome, appropriate and beautiful for their destined partner. Do not because you are not satisfied with them and by your attitude create an hostile environment for them in the company of people.
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Note that the way an individual person is wired (configured) varies and it is according to their life designed purposes; your purpose determines your configuration. Many people might not really give an attention to you but note that somebody is really engrossed and interested in you. Many people might ignore your presence or never wanted to have anything doing with you but note that your presence fascinates someone and they are willing to risk anything (irrespective of value or cost) to have you to themselves that they might spend their lifetime with you. Never attempt to impose your way of life on anyone, even if you’re trying to help them in fulfilling destiny. The best way to help them is by showing them the pathway to life (the way to the lord) and they will by themselves discover the best way to fulfil destiny. Note that your way of life or your approach to fulfilling destiny might antagonize the fulfilment of their purpose if adopted by them, no matter how suitable it is for you in getting to your destined point.
Many people get it wrong in raising children by imposing their ways of life on their children and even doing so with the backing of inputting fear and trembling in them. Their current ways of life that has helped them in pressing faster to the fulfilment of their purpose had left them with nothing but a critical belief (ethnocentrism) that it is the best means to live successfully. Many parents are reticent (do not talk much) and when they see their children being loquacious (talkative) they become offended and immediately want to chastise them, and by so doing, many parents had by their ethnocentrism crippled the unborn abilities of their children; their children therefore tend to become much more dull than what they anticipated.

It pains a lot whenever what many parents fear the most that made them to be strict with their children finally happens to them because they went about it in a wrong way. Teach them the way to life and through that they will derive the most suitable way to live that they might fulfil destiny. Although, you might be their parent, but you both have a very different and conspicuous purpose to fulfil and the adoption of your current way of life might not be the best method for them but the custom way that the architect of their lives (God) has preordained, and you can only help them to locate it by showing them the link to that architect of their lives (Teach them the ways and principles of God).

Never attempt to coerce people around you to live your type of life because you think it’s the best but show them the pathway to life through the word of God and that will shape them (without stress) into the best way to live up to the standard of God’s intention for their lives. Many predecessors have invested an incredible effort in raising a semblance of them but God wants an improved version of them. Do not constrain your proponents in your self-believed system, but allow God to work His way through you in them.

Note that God gave you those children not to raise a replica of yourself but an improved version of yourself.

Joshua (in the scripture) was never a replica of Moses but an improved version because he was shown the pathway to life. Elisha was not a replica of Elijah but an improved version of Elijah and lots more (they did greater exploits than the ones God used to raise them). Constraining your children (read more on THE PARENTLESS CHILDREN) in your self-belief system will make them in no way better than what you have been known to be over the years and that might be a conspicuous deviation from their life designed purpose. Do not constrain your children in your perceived way of living; it can militate against the fulfilment of their purpose as they might find it difficult to roll on with.



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    January 17, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Great word…more grace,more insight

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