Royal Disappointment

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Never be amazed when you encounter disappointment from men. Note that the highest level of disappointment that you can experience in life will surely stem from homo sapiens. Men disappoint but God never; everything man tagged as disappointment from God is usually a blessing.

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Remember that if you are not appointed by God you will be disappointed by mere mortals. The fact that you are very close to someone and he knows virtually the most of your secret life or affairs doesn’t exempt them from disappointing you. Note that they are the only one in the best position to stab you from the back because they know your respective weaknesses.

Life is full of mysteries and one of the mysterious things that persistently happens there in is that the least expected persons are usually the most disappointing people; they stab you from behind when you least expected. Note that those that will do something that is capable of hurting you the most are those that are intimately close to you and not those that have no tie with you.

Do not pack your eggs in one basket I.e. never attempt to put your entire trust in flesh (human) so that you will live free of a life that portends disappointment that stems from flesh (human) or when you get yourself stabbed by the one who professes to dearly love you or you so much trust, you won’t find yourself doing something irrational; it’s a proactive way of dealing with life issues.

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Note that every disappointment in life has a modicum of a new level of appointment if it is critically perused and adequately managed. Do not be totally discouraged or emotionally broken to the extent that you have no zeal or strength to carry on. If you’re continually satisfied with your current status or situation of life, there can never be a thought to press forward or have a newer pursuit.

He that sees nothing bad in his current way of life or status can never welcome the idea of transformation or make effort for a dynamic and glaring desired change. If those that profess to love and care for you have never deserted you in the time of trial, you can never learn how to stand and fight alone in turbulent times; if the government service employment system had never failed or disappointed people, many wouldn’t have considered having a private business as a priority or as a supplementary means of augmenting their finances.

The Israelites (in the scriptures) never saw anything bad living in the wilderness for forty years since their basic or physiological needs (food, water, shelter, sex etc.) were adequately met often, but the moment they were disappointed by the continuous supply of one of the most crucial basic needs (manna) they needed for survival, the reason to move out of the wilderness to their promise land immediately surfaced. Note that he that must witness an astounding level of greatness or appointment can never rule out disappointment in his life. If everything keeps moving in a glittering and glossy manner, you are prone to fall victim of stagnancy. “Every disappointment is a blessing to the sky.” The greater your level of disappointment, the stronger the feeling to quench the thirst of your raging dissatisfaction.

Never attempt to maintain your stay in the community or company of people where going against the commandment of God is never seen as something bad i.e. they trivialize God’s commandment or see it as a norm or nothing important. Note that the more you stay and commune with them is the more you stand the risk of their nature diffusing into you and you too will start manifesting their nature gradually; learned behaviour. Note that if you should follow this path, it can annihilate the fulfilment of your destiny.

Anyone you keep company with that sees nothing bad in going against the commandment of God will shortly be hired by devil as an instrument to frustrate your purpose if you fail to sever such a relationship. Note that anyone that the devil uses in fueling your weaknesses is your enemy because your weakness is your antagonist to the fulfilment of your life designed purpose. Disappoint the enemy by severing the tie you have with the person before your relationship with them end up making you to be a disappointment to both your family and generation.



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