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Landmark refers to an event or discovery that marks an important stage or something that remains very important because of its history, and that should be preserved.

Note that every human being on earth is at every point in time a landmark, irrespective of tribe, age, language, culture, educational background or the problems they are currently going through because they at every point in time (via their attitudes, method of thinking, ways of life) set a pace (via decision making) between the space of time in which people around them swings indirectly to emulate. Live a life that is worthy of emulation

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You are one of the most important events that has ever happened on earth. Your birth and the purpose you’re here to fulfil speaks about how important you are.

Note that you’re a landmark to the lives you’ve been chosen for; the revelation of your presence marks the beginning of their unending joy. You’re the crux of most the important events that has ever happened in the history of human race.

Do not attempt to abort that pregnancy because of your sentimental believe that it’s going to bring you shame. Note that if you do, you’ve only succeeded in elongating the toiling of some lives because you might have aborted the solution they’ve long waited for. The pregnancy is a landmark! Note that if Mary (the mother of Jesus) had attempted and succeeded in aborting the pregnancy of Jesus because of her biased believe (shame) as a result of the fact that the pregnancy cannot be explicitly traced to the effect of any romantic affair, she might have succeeded in aborting the solution (Saviour) generations of people had long waited for.

How can men know if they have not been taught or they are yet to learn; never! Any new thing an individual know today was revealed by someone (via mortal being or immortal being) or through the attitude of someone. It could be via concrete evidences or abstract things; via teachings or books; via online materials, human behaviours or spiritual revelations. If no one had never made effort in writing (books or online materials) no knowledge would have been passed across to others through them I.e. extinct knowledge. Learn to contribute your own quota of knowledge to the development of your environment; don’t remain idle.






Knowledge becomes copious and solidified when learning becomes persistent. Note that the way you live your life is a mirror through which many people peep into life and derive a solid philosophy about life which indirectly commands and navigates their existence.


Many people’s mind have become so porous such that it is quite difficult for it to perceive or conceive anything called success; they (minds) are trained to believe much more in failures than successes. They believed that failure is imminent in their various endeavours.

Events surrounding them and the experiences of their predecessors have become a yardstick they use in drawing up solid hypothesis about their lives and pursuits and by so doing, they hastily conclude that there is no better way of making life worthy to live than by cutting corners or by making life difficult for others. The way of life any individual portrays today is a learnt behaviour. Note that the way people utilizes their resources (time, money, material things) are usually influenced or learnt by the events they are exposed to or through the situation of life they are surrounded by; informal way of learning.

What kind of landmark has your life hitherto set for others to emulate; is it pleasing or disastrous? What will your existence bring to generations of people after your departure? Note that your life is a yardstick in measuring the stand of others- live in a way that favours others or bring favour to others. Are you a pillar or a wreck? A means to getting forward, stagnation or backwardness? What has your influence while coming across lives brought upon their lives?

Does your way of life truly reflects the light you carry or that has been deposited in you for manifestation, in order to show men the pathway to fulfillment and manifestation? Haven’t you by your attitude or way of life, exposed many lives to a displeasing experience such that it makes it difficult for others to receive helping hands? Haven’t the experience people have with you not orientated them that men do not deserve to be treated fairly and with justice? Note that you might not by your words educate men about what life entails and ways of getting things done but your way of life is a better way of placing them in a lecture theatre for an adequate orientation.

What lesson has your way of life taught other beings of your type? Does it extinguish the seal to pursue or ignite the fire? Note that our lives are best means of drawing up a solid hypothesis on other lives that are in the same category with us (tribe, culture, religion, nation, background, family etc.); stereotyping.

Does your way of life makes it difficult for others that fall into the same abovementioned categories with you to receive help or favour? Examine your life. Note that, in one way or the other people usually picture us as a reflection of others or the mirror through which they see into the life of others. What kind of inference can men draw from your life and adopt in their quest to fulfilling their life-designed purpose? The presence of many parents have made life difficult for their children at their departure because of the ways their lives were coordinated when they were alive. They have by their ways of lives taught their children that goals cannot be reached and existence will gradually tends towards being irrelevant if they fail to make corruption their backbones I.e. they cannot survive if dubious approaches are not adopted.

What lesson has the position of authority you currently occupy or aspiring to occupy or the unfettered access you have hitherto gained to power taught generations of people; ways to live in godly principles or gradual death which leads to eternal remorse? No man can easily win the heart of men if he’s not a solution or the link to people’s solution. People only tend to be more loyal when they get their problems solved by one or through one. The only potent way to make one’s fame go viral is by being a solution or the lights generations of people are waiting for.





Strife to make yourself a honey and you will see how famous you will be in the dwelling place of ants.


Those that are solutions do not struggle for human acceptance or attraction; people automatically do because they have long awaited their presences.



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