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Kindness is an invaluable treasure that an individual gets to receive from you that gives them a new hope to live again. Kindness is independent of any position of authority or wealth; if it has never been your nature prior to your ascension to the position of authority, it will surely be a difficult attribute to portray while in that position because you cannot perfectly fit into it. A person that has never been kind or generous before his ascension into a post of authority can never suddenly develop into it because the office he occupies requires him to be kind and generous to everyone.

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Note that it is what you’ve mastered overtime and put into practice that forms an individual’s habit I.e. habit is formed via a repetitive performance of a particular act. You can never try to be good to people because of the position you occupy if it’s never been your nature. Being rich is never a factor or major determinant of kindness or generosity. The habit is mostly made known when one has nothing (low estate) and also when you have everything (arrogance or humility).

Kindness is the act of constantly seeing that which is good about man in spite of the hurt or injury you stand to suffer from them. Kindness overrules sentiments and unhealthy mental or social dispositions towards individual. Note that you can never show forth kindness if you’re desperately consumed and concerned by your possession or not being hurt; it is an orientation that the survival of others is dependent on your existence and if you fail to grant them the needed help, their race might suffer the consequence. Kindness goes beyond seeking after protecting your interest but seeing that the relevance of your existence is dependent on the survival of others and life is not worth living if their lives depict no meaning or they are successfully molested by an odious situation of which one is capable of extinguishing the fire.

Kindness is never a compromise: it does not mean that you have no idea of who you are (identity; what you are worth) or what you are composed of; it is neither a brainwashed of your value nor personality.

Kindness is not limited to a monetary giving (philanthropy but anything that anyone can receive from you that gives them a new hope to live again or press forward); whatever your virtue cannot create your wealth can never sustain it. Note that you will only be remembered for either of these two things: the problems you originated or fueled by your attitude or the problems you solved or show men the link to the solutions; the dilemma you placed lives in or the truth you have exposed man to which forms the bulk or part of what made them who they are.

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Although, you might be able to acquire a big and beautiful house through the help of your accumulated wealth but note that this same wealth will surely be short of earning you the loyalty of the occupants of the building but kindness. He who is without compassion can never see kindness as a relevant concept. Note that he whose zeal is geared towards protecting his interest at all times will always find every reason to hold offenses against people in every situation whether or not that portend the possibility of violating their interests that they’ve always been making effort to preserve. Do not allow your presumed conceptions that you might be hurt create a mental block (such that you find it difficult to picture that which is good about humans or situation) or social block (such that your kindness to people is for a selected few) for you. Note that he that does what hurt you today might end up becoming the best instrument for your rising or saviour tomorrow.
Mischievousness is never wisdom in display but many believe that it’s a defensive approach; it isn’t in any way better than perjury.

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Note that kindness might expose you to a serious hatred or opposition from your loved ones, it is never an enough reason to cease from it; it can earn you different unethical names that you’ve never for once thought of, never get weary because of it; it can get you hurt even from the least expected person, but never be tensed doing it; it can expose you to an unwanted raging storm but note that kindness entails sacrifice; everyone cannot appreciate you but that doesn’t mean no one values or recognizes your effort.

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It is worthy of note that kindness does not entail ignoring one’s value or no self-respect or thinking that one is worth nothing and that’s why everyone can go scot-free with every wrong or pains they’ve caused you but seeing it as a basis of one’s existence in making life worth living. Even if your kindness never bring you a monetary reward never cease from it because it will surely leave the print of your name on the mind of people and it’s the legacy you leave behind after you’ve gone because it will surely outlive you and pave way for those coming after you because you’re a landmark (Read more on LANDMARK).

You might be a wealthy and notable person in your domain during your time and history might still fail to make, even just a word of reference, about your name if your wealth has no attachment with kindness but you might be the most wretched on planet “Earth”, with kindness you can earn more than enough reference in history- Remember the good Samaritan? Although his identity and wealth status was not disclosed nevertheless by his mere kindness towards that dying soul he earned an inerasable record in history. Remember Dr. Jonas Stalk, the man who came up with the cure for polio, who didn’t patent the drug? This made the drug affordable to the general public and he lost out an estimated 7 billion dollars for himself. What about Ruth (in the scriptures), her kindness towards Naomi (her mother-in-law) by not deserting her when she needed her the most even when others left granted her the reward of a whole book named after her in the bible and even through her lineage we have the greatest saviour; Jesus!



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