Exposure: Destiny determines destination

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Exposure refers to the state of having the true facts about somebody or something told after they’ve been hidden for long. It can also be referred to the process of gaining an unconstrained access to some hidden truths that might be critical to human survival. Do not live a life you do not know, it might be disastrous. It is therefore vital for everyman to familiarize themselves with everything possible in their respective environment. Note that your environment can either make or mar you- it can either enhance or destroy your personality. Do not be ignorant of what your environment entails; it is a means of getting you prepared.

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It is not all about what you are getting (proceeds) from an environment that matters but what you have been exposed to overtime is gradually building you to become. In your course of striving to grab or get something remarkable out of your current environment, what are the things you’re indirectly lured or influenced to do that are capable of destroying your destiny? What orientation has the atmosphere of your incumbent environment given you in terms of way of life- ways to live or gradual and eternal death?


What do you see yourself gradually becoming by the reason of the exposure you have received from your immediate environment- the one you’re destined to become or the opposite?


Note that your destiny determines your destination. On which platform or terrain has your seed found itself? Your location will surely determine your exposure, so also is your exposure will be determined by the season of life you find yourself. Whatever experience you go through is a factor of what your current season of life has exposed you to. Note that different environment has different vices and opportunities.

Where has your seed fallen to; on the stony places where it can’t develop root and can only endure but for a while, in the midst of thorns where it can easily be choked up by the reason of the cares of the affairs of the world, or planted by the way side where it is more exposed the threat of the fowls of the air?

Note that your destiny or environment might have exposed you to a serious and diverse rage of storms which has given you every reason to live a life that preaches the gospel of the ungodly or succumbed to the ungodly ways of survival in your current environment or the company of people you are exposed to, but a glaring understanding of your royal identity is a means of controlling your decisions.

Any individual who fails to recognize changes in environmental forces leaves themselves unprepared to capitalize on opportunities or cope with threat by changes in the environment.

It is dangerous to operate without strategy. The process of staying without strategy is what is called ‘Strategy wear out.’ It is also dangerous to use a strategy for a long period of time even when such strategy is not producing results. Always take an inventory of your life and environment in order to adapt to changes where necessary as at when due. Note that relevance exposes man to diverse of opportunities in his environment. If you do not possess the required skill or information needed to function effectively then you are irrelevant I.e. information is asymmetry or negatively skewed towards you. If you are not loaded, you’re not needed (I.e. will not be demanded for) because a man of unction is destined to function. If information remains asymmetry towards you, opportunities will constantly bypass you. You cannot be more relevant than what you know; what you know will determine how known you will be and this invariably speaks about the relevance of your existence.

The relevance of your existence is rooted in your content. The value of a container becomes compelling when it contains valuable contents. What influence has your exposure over the years has on your existence; does it make your value to hastily appreciates by experiencing a geometric growth and an unconstrained expansion or it experienced a dwindling effect or an unprecedented depreciation? Do you study the word of God to gain approval of men or your constant exposition to the truth of the word shows you the pathway to life?

Do you only go to school to parade thyself as a graduate that the other people of the community might drop their caps for you (being a graduate) or your exposition to a formal education has made you to be more strategic in solving societal problems and foreseeing likely problems in your community? What influence does your migration from your local community to a more civilized (exposed) community has on your existence? Hasn’t it given you the latitude to backslide?



Who are your friends? The mystery of your contents can easily be unravelled by perusing the kind of company of people you keep. Your content determines your connection; your vision should determine the type of company you keep including the enemies you attract.

Honey attracts ants; flowers attract flies. Note that no visionary will ever settle down for an empty barrel human with facial beauty except they only want to use them in achieving their intended purposes. If you don’t want to be exposed to ‘a-used-and-dumped’ situation, load yourself with the truth that’s needed to be relevant irrespective of time and season. Note that there are some categories of people you must be exposed to in life in order to fulfill destiny and these include but not limited to:

• The Recommender: these are the ones who mention your name in quarters where your potentials and skills will be appreciated, celebrated and fully rewarded.

• The Encourager: these are people that are loaded with potent words that are capable of moving one towards the fulfillment of one’s life-designed purpose in spite of several hurdles one’s exposed to.

• Destiny Helpers: they provide shoulder upon which you ride to fulfilling your destiny

• Givers: they are ready to give the whole of their resources to ensure that you fulfill destiny

• The Receivers: these ones are different from routine takers or serial beggars. You cannot be blessed if you don’t give, and you cannot give if there is no one to receive. You need those whose receiving hands will trigger abundant blessings unto you.

• The Enemy: these are people that will make you to always be proactive and look for more uncovered grounds to cover. You need them to break new grounds and maintain your relevance as a victor.

• The Correctors: a life without correction will end up in destruction. These are people who honestly tell you when you are wrong.

• The Intercessor: these are people whose zeal is channeled towards standing in gap (in the place of prayer) for you at all times.

• The Loyal: they work with you with all their hearts to make things work in your life.

• Lovers of God & Godly Life: these ones are always connected to God; epitome of God’s presence.


Develop an uncommon insight; every situation or economy with vices as potential chances of opportunities. If you can see further, you can go farther but a man with an obscure vision cannot go farther of his unclear vision. Note that for you to function effectively you must be up to date; expose yourself to realities enough of assumptions! Try to always know the latest development that has taken place in your community, profession and that which you need to know.


If you want to be a landmark God has to be involved in your adventure. Never attempt to out scrap God in your adventure. Although, He doesn’t promise a smooth journey, but mind you, if you get him involved, he will never deprive you of safe landing.



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