Adversary: Our unrelenting enemy

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Adversaries are webs of events that are capable of withholding an individual from chasing after his intended purpose or making him to hastily lose focus on his dream future. An adversary usually strips lives naked and finally places them in a strait environment. Note that the intention of every adversary is to ensure that a purpose is never established, and once it sees that the purpose is going to be a source of threat to the population of the kingdom of darkness and devil immediately possesses men to use them as instruments to frustrate the purpose. Any instrument can be used by the enemy to frustrate a purpose or God’s intention over any life. Beware of anything that makes you to hastily lose focus on your goals, it could be an instrument adopted by the enemy to frustrate your purpose.
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Every worst enemy will never show forth as enemy, except for the ones that are desperate, but as the most needed friends for survival and accomplishment of one’s goals. An adversary prevents life from building that which they long to build; no foundation let alone the structure. They are usually prevented from launching out their nets into the deep let alone catching. An adversary is programmed to suspend or withhold a blazing future from becoming a structure that men can behold. No matter how wise a man might seem to be, when an adversary manifests its presence in such a life, it will repackage him and make him a full grown fool. An adversary can make a mighty man to become the most wretched in terms of hasty vapourization of strength.
There is more to your life than just maintaining status quo or operating within the scope of the boundary that your predecessors had set for you.

Note that jeans and shirts can make you attractive and admired by the people within your territory (but for a while) but the only thing that packages you for an eternal acceptance and admiration or leaves the print of your name on the mind of every homo sapiens is searching out the ‘more’ to your life.

Every adversary is after something, never be ignorant of that. Anyone that fails to have an explicit understand about the adversary that has hitherto been waging war against the manifestation of the intention of God over their lives will constantly make a rigorous but fruitless effort in spiritual activity; prayer. Never be ignorant of what your adversary is composed of, how it operates and its influence over your life. Let’s briefly consider some of the basic life phenomenon that can act as an adversary (although not limited to) to the fulfillment of our life designed purposes.

• Sin

This is a deadly organism that is capable of snuffing out the life of a blazing future. It is like an army of soldiers with an atomic arsenal whose impact can never be forgotten by whatsoever life they ravage. Sin is an enjoyable and attractive adversary; it silently and consistently kills its host and prevents him from getting to his destined future. It is beautifully and wonderfully made by its manufacturer such that it can become the cynosure of many eyes and it can only get through to any life by their lustful desire. A destiny becomes unpreserved by the reason of the presence of sin; sin will make you seen (exposed) to the enemy. If you cannot do without committing sin (your daily means of survival stems from the nature of sin), your destiny cannot do without gradually and consistently sinking; you’re far from fulfilling destiny.

• Loquaciousness

He that derives pleasure in discussing every issue that goes on in their lives with everyone that comes their ways will surely record a limited number of success in their lifetime. Many people had deliberately sold out themselves as a result of their uncontrollable manner of discussing happenings in their lives with everyone. Many people had continuously fall victims of rampant failure because they’ve seen their worst enemy as their greatest friend and had incorporated them in their decision making processes or sought their opinions in making critical decisions in their lives and by so doing they invariably unleashed their strategies unto them. He that cannot do without discussing every of their strategy with everyone that claims to grant them helping hands will soon be trapped.

He that is coming to hurt you will not come through the wrong channel but the right link so as not to be easily suspected; they come as friends but they are fiends. The curiosity and the uncontrollable urge to achieve or know something by many had totally exposed their nakedness to an unwarranted raging torrents because the impostor was able to glaringly sight the loopholes in their lives and effectively took advantage of their naivety.

• Ignorance

Never be ignorant of the world you live in; the extent of your success as an ignorant is succinct. Familiarize yourself with the vices and prospect of your environment. Note that a modicum of truth is capable of dispelling any lie no matter how gigantic it might be. Many successors fall victim of their predecessors’ challenges because they care not to learn about what held their hands tight during their time and take precautions against it. Also, note that being novice to the word of truth (God) is an adversary. If you do not know what God can do, he can never do anything for you.

He that has not the word of God will be successfully molested by the enemy. ‘Your word (the word of God) is the rod you have to rule the world.’ He that does not have the word will fall victim of the sword of the world; your personal altar will determine your personal worth.

• Anger

Anger has become a critical snare to many people; they become loosed to do anything whenever they are consumed by it. ‘Note that anger doesn’t solve anything, it builds nothing but can destroy everything.’ Many people have been so much molested by anger such that the manifestation of any modicum of issue becomes elaborated by the reason of their uncontrollable anger. Note that anger can destroy relationships and build a castle of hatred against one even in the mind of those that are willing or might be willing to help one. Whenever you are getting uncontrollably angry over trivial issue, note that devil is only being strategic with you; it’s a means to frustrate your purpose.

• Failure

Constant failure is an endemic danger; it hastily takes away the attention of the visionary from his vision and permeates his mind with the thought of failure thereby making him a defeatist. Many people invest much effort in success prayer without a corresponding effort in their work life; success will be a mirage! For a student, note that you will only be reminded of what you’ve read and forgotten to present it in manners that suit the examiner’s request provided that you’ve done your part. It’s only in exceptional cases that you will be taught (by the spirit of God) the way to answer the questions even when you’ve not read. Note: that which makes you successful in life is a system of which work and prayer are just subsystems.

For any sketched structure to become a real building, the contractor cannot evade the service of every professional needed to contribute to its success. In order for failure not to become a continuous adversary that you experience, ensure that you engage the entire sub unit to achieve a solid success system.

• Poverty

This is one of the most deadly adversaries that Homo sapiens encounter on the earth. Poverty is deadly such that it steals joy, vision, strengths and ability. It hastily cripples the mental capability of the visionary. No matter how mentally sound a person might seem to be, when the situation surrounding him gives him no hope of survival, his love for his pursuit will hastily wax cold. Make haste to destroy this adversary before it destroys you.

• Economic situation

Several people make serious efforts in praying against their enemies but never make out time to pray for their Jerusalem (country). Note that you can only have room to chase after the fulfilment of your life designed purpose when the situation (peace in all aspects) of your country is fine. Threat to the situation (economic, social, religious, political, cultural etc.) Is also a threat to the fulfilment of your purpose. Note that unrest in any economy usually poses a serious threat on the lives of every inhabitant. Make out time to constantly bless your country that you might be blessed through and from it. But if you fail to do that, when the threat begins it will surely become an adversary to your life designed purpose.



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