The Soul Quest

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Emptiness occurs when there is a dearth supply of some basic resources needed to fill up an open vessel that craves for an infilling of a known vacuum. A continuous experience of emptiness in a particular life metamorphoses into loneliness and a sustainable growth of loneliness can as well leads to a forlorn live. Loneliness could mean that one is not enjoying the basic or reasonable relationships one desire which therefore reflects a noticeable gap that invariably brings man unhappiness. Note that being alone does not mean loneliness. Many people have been going about with a kind of misconception in these two concepts.

Being alone means that one does not have anyone around him, even if you wish to dialogue with one at that moment; they are far away from one, while loneliness simply means that there is a kind of vacuum in one’s life that one finds it difficult to fill by the presence of people around one. A lonely person does not lack the presence of people but the issue is that the presence of people around them cannot solve or fill the kind of vacuum they have in their lives.

Loneliness is usually a noticeable vacuum within while being alone is a noticeable vacuum without but loneliness can be observed through the outward expression of people in their relationship with people. Many lives have been successfully ravaged and taken advantaged by devil in their quest to fill up the noticeable vacuum; loneliness, in their lives, by falling into different levels of none classified seductions or enticement- walk circumspectly. Many people have been brutally wounded, even beyond conception, in the moment of their loneliness because the vacuums within them were extremely wide and noticeable. Toiling cannot cease in some people’s lives because they have deliberately made life difficult for themselves.

• Emptiness in Relationship

No matter how busy your schedules are, learn to create beautiful, unadulterated, and un-obliterated moment for your family. Note that your love for your career must not supersede that which you have for your family (although, it is of a truth that you are to love what you do and do what you love and then is there going to be a chance of succeeding). Note that no career can succeed outside one’s family; your success in your other pursuits in life is dependent on how well you can manage your family. It is good to pursue before it gets dark but note that an unshared love helps to put one’s house in order.

Note that no woman is too generous to share the love of her life (husband) with anyone, come what may.

  Make effort to severe every relationship that hunts your feelings. No matter how spiritually vibrant a woman could be, once they notice a suspicious move between their husband and another woman, the woman (lower nature) in them (emotion) immediately gets ignited.

• Quest in Union

All matured ladies are not wives and likewise is all matured men are not husbands.

 The fact that a young man or lady has come of age doesn’t make them suitable for a conjugal bliss or eligible for you to automatically yoke with them. Their physical posture might reflect a perfect fitness of them but they might be far below expectations based on their emotional reaction to situations. Although matured male or female might be ripe for their union (marriage) provided that they are prepared for life, but note that you are meant for someone and not everyone. Note that if age should be the criterion for who is to be acknowledged to be the wisest, Methuselah should have been in the best position compared to the Wisdom of Solomon. They might be physically admirable and pleasing but that has not qualified them to be a perfect wife or husband; walk circumspectly.

Do not allow devil to capitalize on your moment of loneliness, you might end up being wounded beyond recovery. Many families have suffered a complete break up today because of a transient separation that gave room for the enemy to successfully thresh them. Because the husband was away for a while and their ability to successfully control their urge or curb their loneliness becomes a dilemma and either of them slept with another person which led to having a child out of wedlock. Do not allow your loneliness to create a weakling through which devil can penetrate into your life.

• Quest in Pursuit

Note that not until you have come to the end of yourself, God might not intervene to your situation. God does not make out time in relating with those that are full of themselves but the ones that will acknowledge God as the reason for their survival. Struggling will become a natural phenomenon to some people as they are yet to succumb to the lordship of their creator. Many people in their attempt to fill up the financial vacuum they have noticed in their lives took a wrong approach and ended up having their heads hit against the wall. Note that no matter how good and fit dubious ways are in resolving our current challenges might seem to be, it can never eternally resolve our problems. It will only provide us with a transient relieve and further expose us to a promoted level of frustration. Never allow the offerings of the world to elevate your heart such that you arrogantly and deliberately relinquish the ways of the lord; it’s dangerous for your lasting survival.



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