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Light is an unrestricted element that hastily dispels the presence of darkness, irrespective of its thickness, at the manifestation of its presence. Light brings restoration of hope, renewal if strength, rekindle the zeal to strategize, grant accesses to new opportunities, a new advantage to pursue, overcome and possess.

Darkness which symbolizes night connotes lack of strength to pursue, even ideas abound, because it us a period in which every part of one’s body longs to relax whether or not one does anything (it is designed for rest e.g. old age). Ideas become irrelevant at night because there is no opportunity to pursue but the breaking of the light called new day is like a capsule that contains a carefully and properly blended composition of several chemical called hope, ideas, strength, access, and opportunities e.t.c.

It is of a truth that several lives have long held captive in darkness but it is worthy of note that darkness and light varies in terms of region, culture, persons and interpretation. It has a relative meaning. To a blind man, light connotes, to regain his sight; to a sick person, light connotes to be healed; to a deserted human, light connotes to be loved again by people; to a helpless and hopeless being, light connotes that something new happens to such a life. Whenever light is manifested several lives rapidly gain shape irrespective of the thickness of darkness they’ve long suffered from or the region and shadow of death they’ve long lived in.

The question here is that are you the light generations of people have long waited for? What does your presence give to generations of people; hope or despair? Relieve from pain to eternal life or a complicated effect to their agony? Is hope rekindled or zeal ignited or totally lost? Does your daily pursuits gradually and persistently exposes you to the reality of your earthly mission? Think about it and if no, you are far away from reaching your destined point and neither can you make impact nor locate your audience in life. Do people value your presence more than your absence? What category of people are they?


Does your daily pursuit and the way you continuously live your life makes you eligible to fit for the solution generations of people are eagerly waiting to behold?


Samson (in the scriptures) got his mission wrong by becoming fragile to the pitiable emotional expression of Delilah and left his generation with no choice other than to wait for another saviour; Moses tarried (the saviour) and Israelites spent extra 30years in the land of slavery as against the initial plan of God; Saul (the king) aisles and left his people (the Israelites) with no option but to have a king ruling over them for 30years without the presence of God; note that if Joseph had succumbed his mission (being the solution) by yielding to the seduction of Potiphar’s wife, in spite of him being slavery, many lives would have been at stake; die in that period of austerity, including his households.

Do you think if problems should surface earlier tomorrow in your current community, you will fit in perfectly to proffer the needed solution? Note that the world we dwell in demands solution and it is only those that can offer such that will be able to sustain their relevance. If David had failed to show up the uncircumcised Philistine (Goliath) might have successfully molested the people of God; the Israelites.

Many parents, with serious pain and agony, sent their children to school with the hope that their tears will soon be wiped away. They become very elated and hopeful whenever their children are declared graduate because their belief is that the solution (light) has arrived and their pains and tears are about cease. But the question here is that are you truly the solution they have been waiting for (for that long years; right from childhood till the place you are now)?

Have you really given yourself to that which is needed to make you the solution they’ve long expected? They joy of a nation becomes rekindled and hastily multiplied whenever their youths multiplied believing that those (youths) are their tomorrow and they are bundles of solutions; are you really one of those solutions? Note that many candles would have remained a mere wax if there had been no hope for light. You can’t vividly explain the potentials of a candle without the presence of light. You may not know how far some people can go or what they have of they lack the needed ignition; help.

After leaving the higher institution as a graduate, do you think you are worth the solution organization are seeking? Do you have what it takes to attract and retain opportunities? Many people rejoiced at your birth but are you the solution they envisaged at your arrival? Haven’t the bright light they saw at your birth turned dimed? How well can your presence ignite the zeal of new pursuits in men towards achievement and greatness? Do people see hope in you or despair; a promising future or prepared and kept torment?



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