The Wilderness Experience

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Your level of professionalism has nothing to do with the amount of wisdom you carry about. Note that professionalism only gives you an advantage over some people with respect to your field of study.

Professionalism doesn’t exempt one from toiling- the toiling method of professional personnel is not being decorated or honourably prepared than that of a stark illiterate. The only difference is just the way they both manage their challenges in order to effectively resolve it. Note that professionals in the field only always make effort to use their accumulated several years of experience to maneuver situation but that has never exempted them from being faced by challenges even that their level of professionalism cannot explicitly defined.

Wilderness can be likened a situation of life that human go through which exposes man to a tensed tribulation needed to prepare him for the opportunities ahead. There is always a reasonable amount of wilderness prepared for every life (mortals) clothed with flesh. Note that no amount of spiritual enablement can exonerate one from going through his wilderness; neither fasting nor prayer can exempt one from trying times. Note that spiritual abilities might seem irrelevant in the wilderness because the same spirit (of God) prepared the wilderness experience for individual lives. A very heavy dose of spiritual enablement can help to conquer any spiritually (demonic) related obstacles but there is an exemption to this when there is a spirit (of God) prepared wilderness. Note that the period of wilderness might seem like the devil had gained ownership or dominion over our lives but so long as we have not broken the edge we are secured because God might be silent all through.

The method to be applied in proffering solutions by your intimate friend during their wilderness experience moment might be totally different from yours and unacceptable- for success to be attained, the answers must suit the examiner’s request. How can you expect the examiner to reveal the secret of the exam (solution) questions while the students are yet in the exam hall?

Note that not until the exam is declared closed or the time allocated is expired, he/she might not utter any statement. There is a reasonable amount of test packages that must be administered in the wilderness; we cannot jump any.

Wilderness varies; it is custom made- it is usually designed based on the prior conception of the master minder or that which he longs to achieve.

It is worthy of note that you might be the only one in the wilderness experience examination hall and there might be no one to cheat from because the examination questions are custom made. The method to be applied in proffering solutions by your intimate friend during their wilderness experience moment might be totally different from yours and unacceptable- for success to be attained, the answers must suit the examiner’s request. Bear in mind that wilderness might bring hopelessness; it might tarry like it has no end; other might be nothing to console man in the wilderness; one might be exposed to a serious heat at noon and an abnormal cold at night because of the absence of an appropriate shelter; different terrific animals might come to torment man and if he’s not strong enough he might be devoured by them. Man will be consistently and continuously exposed to a heavy breeze and scorching sun at all times depending on how long it tarries. Wilderness might expose man to a much tensed hunger situation because one’s favourite might not be present.

The wilderness might tarry long that our body might start reacting to some natural phenomenon; no consolation. Note that it is at this point that our integrity and faith is really put to test. We might have long endured the situation but the moment we start receiving excessive suggestions on how to hastily make the experience connotes that we are already at the most critical point. Never allow devil to give you suggestions that is critical to your relevance or that can render your several years of tarrying and endurance a waste.
At the periods of wilderness, satanic (catastrophic) opinions might want to perpetually dominate our thinking because we need a hasty relieve but the weapon to neutralize the continuous release of missiles of demonic suggestions is the word of God. The moment of wilderness is the period to display the dexterity of the word of God; it is the moment to regurgitate and apply every consumed word of God. Note that if the master minder of the wilderness is yet done with you, the wilderness experience cannot be declared over, therefore, any attempt to maneuver situation will make you to be declared half baked or ineligible
If we must be acknowledged as the true heir, we must give room for a spirit-led wilderness and make effort to sail through.



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