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The Seat of Life and Death

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The buccal cavity; mouth, in which tongue is contained is one of the dominant means through which man can express his or her inward feelings. Although, actions communicate but words make our intentions more explicit for people to understand when critically perused. The bumbling Brook of thought of thoughts in human mind can be explicitly communicated via his word. In spite of the latitude or the longitude of the long range conceptions in human heart, human mouth, within a twinkle of an eye can do the justice of releasing them to the atmosphere. In many situations our actions indirectly hurt people’s emotion but through our words we can make our intentions clear whether such act was a deliberate action or done subconsciously.

Note that our words validate our integrity.

Note that people can easily infer a conclusion on you or determined your intentions when your attitude is symmetric to your words. When your attitude is diametrical to your words, you will be surely seen as nothing more than a chronic liar. You can offend in action but your word can reduce the effect while actions (attitude) can be to totally correct it but when a man hurt in word, his action might not be able to correct it because it will be misinterpreted for a diabolical intention.
Irrespective of how small the tongue could be compared to other elements of the body, it has the ability to dispense a very large truth and gigantic lies. The tongue commands a lot of respect because its utterances determine what comes to the body; tongue in many ways determine what the body is exposed to overtime; suffering or greatness (sustained). Tongue influences the amount of greatness the body can experience in life and how it can be sustained- A loosed tongue is a loosed destiny.

Our body only switches directly or indirectly into that which our mouth constantly profess; our body masters it and it becomes a habit; habit morphed into attitude; attitude morphed into personality and personality translates into who we are. He that effectively controls his utterances can as well manage his body. The mouth disclosed the intention of the heart while the body switches to execute it.

Irrespective of how small a tongue could be it is capable of setting lives ablaze. Take ships as an example, although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot directs.

Note that your life is an expression of your profession; your utterance.

The most fertile land for the plantation of the word to fully find an expression is your life.
Many lives have been ensnared into a painful and an eternal death through the deadly element located at the lower jaw part of their buccal cavity; tongue. When one’s utterance becomes a constant profession, it gradually forms a part or a dominant factor of one’s life. You can choose to speak your life into manifestation or doom. If your life must emit the glory of God, your mouth must possess His fragrance (which means that God is at centre of thought because word is a valid expression of thoughts).

• The Seat of the Beast

Many mouths of mortals have succinctly graduated into becoming the seat of the beast where authority that proclaims the woe of men proceedeth. It emits no glory other than that of the beast that stationed its throne in that part of their body. Note that your life is an expression of him whose glory your mouth emits.

If your mouth escapes being used as a custodian of spring of life, it can never escape being a repository of men’s destruction.

Whose glory does your mouth professes? Note that if it is self glory that it constantly proclaims, it is disastrous because self glory blurs visions and beclouds one faculty of reasoning with past achievement. Our life cannot be better than the object we pay our obeisance or homage to; our life is a reflection of what we worship. The savour our worship fails to create, our life can never reflect it. Note that what our life is constantly reflecting is a product of the kind of worship we offer or the way we offer our worship. When we fail to worship God, then we are not better than worst sheep.

• Vision

Speak your vision to yourself per time because this can help to serve as a reminder to your body to move in a desired direction towards the fulfillment of your existence. Note that broken communications can results into a broken vision because it can lead to a sustained discrepancy. Air the good intentions of your mind to your body in order to always keep it informed. Note that the dilation of pupil is usually done automatically; reflex action, this can never take place in the issue of the use of tongue, it requires human inputs. We constantly use our tongue for that which we longed it to release to the air.



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