The Gradient of Life-  An Asymmetric Relationship

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The level of the complexity of our challenges is tantamount to the gravity of our faith. Note that challenges are glaring exposure to that one is carrying or loaded with. It is important to note that tests are usually administered to promote an individual but an exposure to temptation usually amounts to degradation in the value or rank of an individual. Temptation sights loophole and creep in to bring man down but test spots elevation and translates man into a full stature of his existence.

Self-pity and non consolation from the expected set of people (family, friends, and lots more) has made many people to succumb their goals or pursuits. Bear in mind that there is a reason the help anyone promises you failed to work out as planned; God has the expected for your life and never wants human to pride on your life. That is never an enough reason for you to jettison your pursuits. Note that if no one consoles you, the thought of your expected reward is enough to invigorate you.

He that jettisons his pursuits (blazing future) because of challenges had explicitly succeeded in sacrificing lots of blazing future on the altar of self-sympathy. Note that accomplishment of your purpose is a solution (answer) to another man’s problem.

Every output is an input for another level of production and so also is every solution provided is an input for a newer level of challenges.

Reward is usually the compensation given for any solution provided. Note that the amount paid to any individual is equivalent to the perceived worth of the quality of solution provided by them in their respective working place. It is therefore important to state that no man is entitled to any reward if he/she has never provided any solution; it is a misappropriation of resources. Many people get it wrong when they succinctly conclude in their hearts that all rewards are monetary; that’s deceptive. All rewards are not monetary but in the long run, it might tend towards bringing financial reward e.g. Recognition, advancement, security e.t.c

Note that if you portray a lackadaisical behaviour towards searching out your life designed purpose and fulfilling it, you might not only affect yourself (by living a shadow of your life) but it will also cause a great havoc on generations of people that are meant to be blessed by the accomplishment of your life designed purpose. Note that no matter how wretched and unpleasing you might (your life) might seem to be to you, lives are attached to you for survival and your existence is the true means through which a definite shape will be given to their lives; your presence is like a framework to their body.

Note that there is a custom way or a prior designed way of getting to your destined point; make effort to search it out.

Although, it might be challenging and as well consumes effort in dragging the vehicle home but peace is assured once you get home. Do not imitate anyone in getting your goals achieved. Believe me, there is a reason your journey seems complex and rough; individual person’s future is custom made. Never attempt to imitate your Buddy because their journey or road looks a bit smoother than yours. Note that you do not live for the same purpose; you are designed for different audience. Adoption of their method is a glaring deviation from the path to locating your audience and fulfilling destiny.

Note that the kind of audience your are designed for will surely determine the type of grooming (challenges) you are exposed to. Your grooming process (challenges) are pointers to the kind of problems you are called to solve. You cannot evade it if you must fulfill your existence.

The journey to the fulfillment of destiny is like unto a journey done on a sloppy ground; while some are moving to the base of the hill, some are struggling to get to the top of the hill. There are some that are at the top of the hill and the fulfillment of their destiny requires them to come to the base of the hill. While coming to the base of the hill, their vehicles might move hastily such that if care is not taken, or proper effort is not in place, the vehicle might crash land; frivolities should not be permitted to ensnare your attention- fix your gaze appropriately. And so also are some that are at the base of the hill, their fulfillment of destiny is tantamount to them finding their ways to the top of the hill. Such a person’s greatest source of joy should be the expected end in spite of the length and height of the slope. Note that if they failed to gather strength (courage), they might be discouraged in the middle of the journey. If the engine of their vehicle is not properly lubricated by the oil of encouragement, they will surely get frustrated in the middle of the journey. Note that there is a custom way/ prior designed way of getting to one’s destined point; do not evade it. Adapted version might seem right but it might not be the best. Your future determines the kind of challenges your life attracts. If you are truly loaded with potentials you cannot evade challenges. Empowerment (anointing) exposed the apostles to serious persecutions likewise David was not exempted from serious torment from King Saul.

No man can appreciate your brilliancy if you are not presented with academic puzzle (challenging examination questions; where others performed badly you success stood out) and you are able to resolve it effectively. Note that challenges are best instruments that help in searching out a man’s unusual ability. the fact that the accomplishment of your life designed purpose is an answer to many lives request makes you become a terror to the kingdom of the darkness that has held many lives captive. Your terrific abilities always bring a great trembling upon the kingdom of the darkness, therefore, they either take a proactive measure i.e. making effort to stop you before you become conscious of whom you are or what you are carrying on the inside of you or a reactive measure by trying to hold you or hastily eliminate you after you have gained your relevance, hence, battle (serious oppositions). If you are continually faced by oppositions (challenges) note that you are not an ordinary person; there is more to your life than what you picture.



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