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Connection and Relevance

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Socialization is an effective tool to mingle with others. You cannot create a social block for yourself and think people will be automatically attracted to you irrespective of your achievement but if they do, it will only be because of that which they long to get from you; they only tend to honour you for a limited time. A man that hath a friend must show himself friendly. No matter how friends had proven themselves to be so gruesome over the years, there is still one that stick better than even a brother and that’s a real friend; Jesus Christ. He stays by us irrespective of what our past or present says- he sticks to us to clean us up from our messes rather than making a mockery of our lives. He who hath the privilege to know him has an unfettered access to the greatest companion that totally bears the burden of his buddy.
A brother can stab someone when you least believe, but this true friend; Jesus Christ, is capable of concealing one’s destiny eternally. The more we get sticker to him, the more we are exposed to the benefit of a true friendship. Devil capitalizes on the failure of high-profile believers to pull down faithful ones.

If your attitude reflects your desire to bless people with no ulterior motive, they will welcome you and open their hearts.

Envying and strife are disastrous elements that limits the ability of an individual to effectively socialise (freely relate with everyone). Whenever there is progress in any place, one of the media devil usually use to bring about confusion and separation is envy and strife. Whenever the enemy sights a geometric multiplication of achievement in the tent of the people of God (as a result of their combined efforts) the only thing he does to disband them is strife and envy. Let us succinctly dissect the issue of Abraham and Lots (Nephew). Abraham is a man that has a pendulum of covenant (of God) swinging upon his life. The coming together of Abraham and Lot made it easy for Lot to hastily multiply because Abraham had upon him covenant of multiplication,therefore he enjoyed the grace. But when there was a continuous strife between their herdsmen, lot had to part way with Abraham and that was how he majestically worked out of the covering of the covenant. When the plague came upon Sodom and Gormorra, none of those herdsmen that caused the striving (his herdsman) and several years of his achievement was saved. He lost all. Never allow anyone to make you hate someone (I.e. turn your heart against them) it might be a snare to make you walk out of the shield (Will) of God majestically; God hates rancour and envy brings strife and destruction. Bridge the gap of separation break the wall of isolation. Whenever you observe that your heart is tending towards disliking someone naturally or by his/her attitude, note that devil is at work. He only longs to bring either of you down or limit your achievements.


Your constant connection with the celestial will determine your relevance on the terrestrial; no man can be relevant more than his connection.

When a man is constantly connected, it makes him to be the right source of information; as a man tends to become the right source of information, people from every nook and cranny of his territory and beyond begins to locate him for an unquestionable or right type of information. The influence of the celestial becomes effective on the terrestrial when there is an adequate connection. If you are not connected, you will never receive and if you can’t receive the right information, you would rather be deceived and once deception sets in, it therefore leads you into contention with those having the right type of information, thinking that what you have with you is UNQUESTIONABLE. Those that are adequately connected are usually found completed; no lack of information. If one refused to stay connected, one might suffer adequate correction. Correction is one of the benefits one stand to enjoy in relationships.



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