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There is virtually no man on planet ‘Earth’ that is born without an intention or purpose.

It is critically absurd to see a man earnestly consuming his resources (money, energy, time, mental ability e.t.c.) on a particular course without an intended purpose or a preconceived purpose or conclusion.

Show me a man without a preconceived purpose and I will make known to you a man with no record of success or achievement.
But it is worthy of note that no matter how good one’s plans or purposes are, they will only remain just mere seeds in the life of the carrier if there are yet the elements needed to fertilize or break them forth for their germination (manifestation). Note that every ovary requires the presence of spermatozoa, if at all new life will be birthed forth (reproduction)
Every man and woman created by God on the planet ‘Earth’ possess in them seed of fruitfulness (reproduction) but individual of them cannot reproduce independently not until they have been able to locate each other and establish a lifetime relationship (marriage) and by so doing, they both help each other in accomplishing their purpose (fruitfulness and multiplication) and bringing the seed in them into manifestation and this usually results into an everlasting joy. This is also applicable to every of our circular settings or endeavours. At every point in time of our life, we have reasons (intentions) for embarking on a particular project, journey, mission or a course. Had it been that the preconceived ideas of many people some years back had been realized by now may be life would have been more interesting for mortals to live. No matter how good you are in drawing up future goals, if you do not know how to go about it in achieving it, it will only become a mere diction of data that are not actionable.

A man that is due for marriage but is yet to get a wife will surely be emotionally insecure because he will be exposed to diverse of humiliation from everyone and so also is a woman (damsel). No matter how strong, vision-driven and hard working you might be as a man, there are some limitations you are bound to experience in terms of success (achievement) because you are yet to marry and vice versa. The word of God stated clearly that, ‘He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour.’ Take for instance, you will observe that before some people get married, they will look so lean and unattractive, not because of the stress they had gone through in the course of preparing for the wedding, but few months later (after wedding), you will see them looking fresh and dazzling. This could only happen because they found a wife and favour consistently becomes their lots.

In spite of one’s great intentions in life, if one is yet to locate his/her wife or husband (the one whom God has prepared to journey with you in order to ensure that success is ascertained) attainment of your goals might be difficult, if not impossible. Note that the feeding relationship between a true husband and wife is usually symbiotic (I.e. both individual exclusively benefits from the relationship). Let’s examine the life of a proposed student. Someone who has an intention of going to higher institution in order to become a graduate and by the grace of God after a serious preparation, he was able to secure an admission into a well known higher institution. But when he gets there he has to locate his wife as man or her husband as a female ( the set of people he should work and walk with so that he can happily achieved his intentions; degree qualification) so that he can fulfill purpose and his existence will not be wasted. There is no gain saying that a single man or woman (the ones that are complacent ) will never record any success in life but truth is that there is a limit to extent in which they can go (note: fruitfulness, subduing, domination, multiplication and replenishment). Bear in mind that your wife or husband does not necessarily mean a damsel to a man or a man to a woman but he or she who sees your failure as his and your success as his and can go to any length because of you to ensure that you materialize. It could be a man of God (pastors), a friend, and colleagues in place of work, superior or subordinate, parent e.t.c.

Note that there are some set of people you are to meet in life before you can proceed to the next phase of your life and if you are yet to locate them, and your current position seems rosy, you might conclude that that is where God has destined you to be. Search out your wife or husband, never let your land remain unmarried because there is a seed in you that is longing for a discharged but not until you locate your partner and fusion (union) takes place because this will lead to a new life (reproduction). In any journey you are to embark on in life, never hesitate to search out those that God had prepared to journey with you so that you won’t be left comfortless and success can be ascertained.

Note that whatever you might long to achieve in life as a wife is rooted in that of your husband therefore finding your husband helps you faster to achieve your intention. And as for a man since the attainment of your wife’s goal is rooted in the attainment of yours, therefore, getting a wife calls for a corroborative effort and this makes work easier to perform. Remember that getting a wife (the one destined to join hands with you in getting to your destined point) is the beginning of favour, therefore, do not overlook.



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