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MARRIAGE- An Institution of Fulfillment

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Marriage is a covenant and not a promise. Promise can be easily broken but covenant cannot. Covenant is an unbreakable promise made to another for life, therefore, it can be concluded that covenants attract life.

Never attempt to choose your life partner haphazardly, find a potential partner who believes in covenant. 

It is worthy to note here that if you have never heard God before, you can never hear God about your marriage, even if you fast. The reason for this being that you have never maintained a sound means of communication (relationship) with Him and if He chooses to speak to you concerning your marriage, you might not know when he has spoken (you recognized not His voice). Many have taken God to be an oracle that they reach out to only when they have problems and stop having anything to do with him when they are relieved of their problems. It is worthy of note here that before you think about marriage at all, develop and maintain a sound relationship with the architect (God) of your life so that you won’t mistaken His silence for an answer to your request (I.e. when He is yet to speak for when He has spoken).

More so, it is important that you love yourself first before you can be loved by others. Many people attempt to apply bleaching cream and all sorts of unwarranted cosmetic on their skin because they believe that they are not beautiful enough to be looked upon (favoured) by others as such adoption will help them to attract people’s attention. Note that when you fake it, it will fade off. Validate your existence- make yourself useful, and make yourself lovable. Constantly improve yourself so that you can attract the right person (note: ego must be totally ruled out; humility) and be a valuable asset to your partner. If you are rightly positioned, you will rightfully acquire your possession. Note that nothing shows forth until something is done. You cannot harvest in a place you have not planted (except you are a thief or you have adequately imbibed the law of giving). The continuous effort made by you towards developing yourself will determine how strategically positioned you are in attracting your possession (life partner).

It is also important that the strengths and weaknesses of one’s partner is perfectly learnt so as to build on the strength and amend the weaknesses. Note that a lifetime journey commences with friendship before it morphed into marriage, therefore, anyone you cannot condone even as a friend is not worthy to be married to.
Learn to live a sacrificial life for your spouse knowing fully well that whatever good or bad you do to him or her will surely come back to you. Note that inability to forgive means that you go about with a baggage containing the wrongs of an individual and any time they wrong you again, you easily and hastily pick one of their previous wrongs out of the baggage to react to them; compensation. Learn to be honest to your spouse because it strengthens love and trust. All that is meant to be disclosed in courtship should never be carried over into marriage; it makes partners to find it difficult in trusting each other further. Let him or her know the contract he or she is signing right from the outset; if he or she is truly yours, he or she will never leave in spite of the abundance of your previous mistakes.


Although, you need to be connected emotionally to the one you choose to love and marry or get married to but nonetheless, emotion should not be the driver of one’s life towards the one you chose to live the rest of your life with. Why laying the foundation of your relationship with sexual intercourse? Note that if the foundation be destroyed, the entire building will collapse- a marriage built on the foundation of lies can never stand the test of truth. Note that no matter how late you got married, you will still spend close to or more than four decades going through the same activity again and again (sexual intercourse). If you them commence the action today (at your early years), won’t you get bored by the time you entered into the life contract- marriage, because it is a repetitive action. Many families are broken today not because of any other thing apart from sexual non-satisfaction; note that sexual intercourse cannot take place if there is no connection of the mind of the two partners- agreements; anything other than this to the psychologist is interpreted as rape.

It is worthy of note that when the aged begin to die, it means the past is being destroyed, when the adult die, the present is gradually consumed, when the children and youths die, the future is utterly destroyed and so also it is when the family is broken because it results into a broken future and note that the effect of a broken family is usually gruesome and it directly impacts the growth of a nation negatively. Never attempt to be one of the major contributors to the unwarranted or unwanted degradation that might occur to your generation or generations to come as a result of your ineptitude and nonchalant attitude towards determining where and who to sign your life contract with. It is important to state out here that most children that stem from a broken home are usually deprived of many things such as security, adequate care, love e.t.c. and whenever they see anyone that promises them any of these even when they meant contrast of it all, they fall flat to their lies and finally become a prey. Do you really want to bring a lot of pains to your generation and generations to come through your impatience and silly mistake? They are not worth it.

If you are yet to understand your purpose (God’s purpose), never rush into marriage;

There must be an agreement between your life purpose and the person you are marrying to- your purpose should directly determine your partner. Irrespective of the amount of dexterity you might have, how active or effective you might seem to be, you cannot effectively and efficiently fulfill the purpose for which you are called (READ SOLUTION AND THE PARENTLESS CHILDREN) into this planet earth until you have located he or she whom God has prepared to journey with you. Remember that two is better than one because when one falls, the other will help him rise again. Note that finding your true life partner is tantamount to accomplishing your life designed purpose. Show me a wretched man and I will show you a man who has married wrongly. Wretchedness does not connote inability to amass wealth but a person whose life is an epitome of he whose dwelling place is hell (serious affliction in all ramifications of life).



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