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Never attempt your envision (see or picture) your vision (intended future) with a blur vision (sight) because this can hinder your vision from coming to fruition. Note that no amount of diction (grammar on papers) can bring a vision into a conclusion (an attainment) without a fueled intention towards the extension of tentacles which is capable of bringing long-range conceptions (vision) into a realization and manifestation. Note that your decision at every point in time is one of the criteria used by people to make precision of your ambition whether you are a man of diction (grammars on paper) or a man of vision (a purpose driven person). Constant connection and communication is required with the architect of your life in order to gain an unfettered access to revelation needed for the coordination of one’s feet to one’s destination.
A man that cannot picture his future can never have access to feature in the display of his future. Utilize your abilities (endowment) so as not to become a liability because your account will in the last day be put on the tables of abilities (specialists) and this is what is called accountability. Prepare for your future so that you won’t live in despair. Note that liars abounds, they are ready to suck you till dusk and finally call you bad luck when there is nothing left to draw from you. Make effort to curb this before it becomes thorns in your flesh. Guard your loins even with the last coin on you; never toy with your abilities so that you won’t toil when others are boiling in greatness. Note that as a carrier of a life blazing destiny, you cannot evade trials because it is required to prepare you for a lasting balance.

Your beginning might be irritating and humiliating but do not succumb because you have a tantalizing future.


Pray so that you won’t become a prey because the enemy relentlessly crave to drain the lake of your abilities so that you won’t make it (become known) and up becoming a slave. Therefore, wake from thy slumber and begin to take up responsibilities in order to become a hot cake even in the midst of a maze of challenges, you are bound make it. Note that an effective and a continuous layer of prayer are needed to make one greater and wider. Do not be deceived by the amount of words you have on papers (documented vision), you need the complement of your maker (creator) so that that which you have on paper (vision) will not end up becoming a mere data of that which you could have achieved but through his support you can become a trailblazer.


Disability is never a limitation to your abilities. Note that the only limitation in the area of disability is the conception of vulnerability. Although, disability might be a cross on your road but it is just a pause and not a stop; a bend is never the end and has not given room for you to rend your heart and feel condemned. Note that the enemy is only looking for a hole to insert his pole by making you to see yourself as unwholesome and be restrained from pursuing your goals that your foes might make a mockery of your home (your generation). People suddenly draw up conclusions based on the sensory interpretation of their emotion called perception on a life-blazing aspirations because of the little obstruction (disability) that has conditioned the visionary to be in an humble state but if you see yourself as a person through whom generations of people will be blessed, you will long to spread your tentacles even beyond your jurisdiction for an effective manifestation because if you fail to break loose from the bond of their conclusion, it can result into an incarceration of your destination(vision).


Ovation is an acknowledgement of an outstanding conclusion (achievement) through the expression of a prolonged enthusiastic applause. Failures are never celebrated but victory (successes). Therefore, if you love to be celebrated, let success be your aspiration while patience, focus and determination become your guiding philosophy.



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