Disability is never a limitation 2

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Your inability to get something done at present or to achieve it now is not a lifetime disability. Give it some more trial because that might be the only push you need to get it done once and for all. Do not throw in wet towel at this junction; think of the resources you might have consumed thus far: time, money, energy e.t.c.
Do not be taken aback because of what you are going through at present because it is part of the story you are to tell when you surely become a person to reckon with in the society. Physical disability is never a limitation but a person that is battling with “Reasoning disability” is an epitome/embodiment of failure. If a physically impaired person can adequately manage his challenge, he is capable of attracting more audience even than a person that is physically okay. People will seem somehow flabbergasted at what the person is doing and they will be indirectly influenced to long after the man, therefore, the audience keep multiplying.

Many people go around the cities and towns each day without addressing the issue of their crippled reasoning faculty and this is capable of jeopardizing the amount of success they might record in their lifetime even if they are physically endowed: beauty, height, strength e.t.c. A lot of strength utilized as brought about no result for many people because the strengths were not accurately appropriated. Many people tend to use prayer and fasting to cover up their laziness. Do not stop giving because whenever you give, you give out your poverty. You cannot cut corners and you think you will be able to forever satisfy men. You have to always look for a way to cover up your mess in order to keep satisfying them and once you failed to do this hatred sets in.

Do not draw up conclusion about your life based on what people say or feel about you. The reason for this being that we usually see events from different point of view and our sensory interpretations usually determines the meanings we give to any event as they surfaces and this is a product of many factors which includes our past experiences, future expectations and our current emotion or state of mind. Note that nothing good can proceed out of you not until you have created a mental picture of whom you are or ought to be, you can never be pressed to move out of your comfort zone (self-satisfied life).

Note that there is no one that is matured beyond being confronted by challenges; maturity doesn’t exempt you from facing challenges, but our level of maturity determines what we picture as challenges; what one person picture as challenges is nothing to write home about to some other people.

The armies of Israel saw Goliath and they saw a great challenge they couldn’t dare to confront (in spite of their levels of experience at war front) but David saw Goliath and he saw a potential food for the birds of the air.

Note that if the conclusion people draw up on you is the major element navigating your life even in your dark path, your vehicle will soon hit its head on the wall. Joseph for instance, he dreamt that he was going to be a great ruler such that even his whole household will bow at his feet but when his brothers saw him, they saw a useless dreamer, the travelers saw him and saw a beautiful slave, Potiphar’s wife saw him and she saw a potential boyfriend, the slave in the prison saw him and they saw a great interpreter of dreams, while king Pharaoh saw him as a great strategist. But nevertheless, he never obliterates the mental picture of who he is and that’s why he failed to have succumbed to the free offer of Potiphar’s wife. Make effort to mature faster than your challenges so that it won’t retard your growth or hinder the amount of success you might record in your lifetime.



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