Burden: the weights around man

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Burden refers to a weighty load carried by an individual or animal that creates an encumbrance to his or its free movement. It can also be regarded as a weighty thought in the mind of an individual that directly hinders free flow of ideas or enabling thoughts. Do not overburden your heart by allowing it to face the music of what life had taken you through, it leads to a slow but untimely death or deadly disease. Never attempt to make life unbearable for people around you because of what you are going through; they are not meant to pay for what, in the first place, never ordered for.

Note that the state of your mind usually has a great influence on the look on your face. Thoughts precede words and words precede actions. If your thoughts are heavily dominated by impossibilities, it will soon reflect in your words and finally take hold of your actions.

But the question here is that how happy or unhappy do people feel being around you? Know you not that your actions (character, choice, and attitude) are a product of your bumbling thoughts? Note that no one will do something naughty or great without them considering it first in their hearts. Bear in mind that our lives (actions, character, responses to situations) is usually a reflection of what you give your mind to overtime; are you enslaved by your thoughts (negative thinking) or inspired, energized and elevated by your thoughts (positive thinking)? How difficult or pleasing does the product of your thoughts (words and actions) make life become for people that are close to you or far away? Note that you can never impact your world rightly if you fail to get your thought straight.

Our character is usually a deciding factor in whether or not people will accept the gospel of our mouth. Although, many a time, it is not that the gospel of our mouth that is offensive or difficult for people to accept, but the problem and the major determinant for the acceptance of the gospel is usually dependent on the personality (character) of the person through which the gospel is being communicated.
“Your mind is like a garden: if you do not deliberately cultivate flowers, weeds will automatically grow without the effort on your part. If you do not deliberately plant and cultivate positive thoughts, negative thoughts will grow in their place.” Brian Tracy

• Facts and Problems

Why do you continuously hurt yourself on situations you cannot by your strength change? You consume your day (which was meant to be productive) on an unwholesome thoughts (which is not worth it) and this finally broke you down and invariably rendered you incapacitated and fragile to emotional distortion and disturbance. What good will your deliberate action of granting your mind to be the devil’s drawing board do to you by giving them an unrestricted permission to toy with it through obnoxious thoughts? Why will you continuously make yourself unhappy through the continuous thoughts over your past; the betraying of trust from the one you love most that has invariably inflicts lots of pains on you or your past mistakes? Note that your past (be it good or bad) remains the fact about your life and there is no effort you can make to alter it because it is behind you; your past remains your past. No one has influence over his/her past but it only gives us a clue on how to make our today and future better. Why will you now permit issues that have no say (stale or irrelevant matters) in your life again to make you feel unhealthy at all times?

Many people have deliberately pushed away a life-transforming opportunity because they were totally consumed by the thoughts of their past (errors, or the pains that the negligence of another party has caused them). Note that no amount of effort can you make to change your past but it can directly or indirectly impact your thoughts and the output (words and actions) of your thoughts if you remain vulnerable to it.

• Addiction

Addiction refers to a particular act one puts up and imbibed subconsciously because of its slow but steady creeping into one’s nature (habit) and one finds it very difficult to get rid off but it is hurting one indirectly. Note that no amount of diction (grammar: enticing words used in pleading for mercy) can save you from that which you are addicted to (rooted in).
                     The only liberating tool from addiction is addiction

If you are addicted to that which kills you sustainably but gradually, then get addicted to that which can give you life immensely. If you are addicted to that which renders your emotion fragile and makes you unhappy, then, get addicted to that which is capable of empowering your thoughts and making you agile. If you are addicted to the use of negative words because you have been indirectly ensnared by your negative thinking, then, get addicted to the use of positive words that will make your spirit healthy and ever vibrant.


If you are happy within, it will surely manifest without. Although, our thoughts are abstract but it becomes concretes through our actions. Are the abstractions of your thought not placing a concrete burden on people that have chosen to stay close by you? Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Note that our character (words and actions) is a major medium through which the happenings in our minds can be communicated. The look on an individual’s face is a good picture to read between the lines of happening of an individual’s heart.
Note that challenges are not stoppages on the road to greatness, they are just mere distractions and if not properly managed, it can result into a diversion.

Challenges do not surface to stop man from pursuing his set goals but to redirect his focus such that he will conclude that his set goals are no more worth taking such a gigantic risk for but the fact remains that if you are consumed by your vision, you will have no room for distraction. Note that unhappiness has not come to stop you from pursuing your goals, it had only come to steal your joy and the resultant effect is that you won’t have strength to pursue your goal again. Financial constraints has not come to bewitch you to surrender your goals ( maybe an admission to a University is your pursuit), it has only come to redirect your focus so that you can settle for less (maybe for a college of education) so that you won’t see a reason to consider the previous option, even in your thoughts anymore.



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