Burden: Enemy to a blazing intention (Part 2)

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He whose emotion is distorted can never have a room for thinking about the way forward in his medulla oblongata. Note that whatever makes you unhappy or renders your emotion fragile is a snare to your greatness. Whatever you do in the absence of happiness can never yield a fruitful result.

Happiness is a form of internal satisfaction derived from the feeling of self-fulfillment which culminates into enthusiasm that directly or indirectly ignites a zealous affection for one’s pursuit. Note that no one can seem to appreciate your existence if your life at all times ruled by unhappiness because your mind will seem blurred to see that which is needed to be attended to through you in man. Unhappiness is a potent medium through which devil prevents men from living up to their natural potentials; break loose! Note that the realization of a blazing future becomes very critical when emotions become continuously thwarted.

Emotional ensnarement is a slavery technique usually adopted by the enemy in capturing a blazing intentions. It comes in form of a very thought that has the potentials of an heavy rain and is capable of extinguishing a flaming future.


Beware of whosoever you mingle with. Many relationship have become a deadly trap for many potentials, they are in no way better than burial grounds; a place where flaming potentials wax extremely cold. Any relationship you fall into and you observe that those things that you do before and are capable of making you known (Read more The Thieves) or become a force to be reckoned with (provided that it is impacting lives positively) have subconsciously disappeared or left you is a burden, break loose. Earning big does not connote happiness and neither does it replace satisfaction. Any marriage (employment relationship), irrespective of the economic incentives, whether huge or it is nothing to write home about, that you might find yourself, which works in contrast to your life designed purpose or gives no room for personal development is nothing but a corporate slavery and prison; break loose from it before it’s marks are written all over you; engulfment. Read more on IDENTITY


There is virtually no one made of flesh that is void of mistakes. Note that the greatest level of disappointment you can experience in life will surely stem from man. If man is quite perfect, then, there is no need for correction. Note that the set of people that can do something that will hurt you the most is those that are very close to you. Closeness determines the tendency and gravity of being hurt. Note that the closer you become to people the more glaring their weaknesses and flaws become to you


Comfort does not connote the absence of problem, turbulence or hard times, but this simply means peace of mind or satisfaction that one derives when one is presented with any (problem, turbulence, or hard times), knowing fully well that you are too conspicuous to be concealed, you are too blessed to fail or to be stranded, you are too loaded to be disgraced. A man that is loaded with this virtue will always see situation from a different perspective- even when it seems like there is no glimmer of hope and others seem to be opting out because they are frustrated, a man with the virtue will still press forward.
To every man that possesses the virtue of comfort, the best way to overcome situation is to look at such situation like they never exist. Giving reverence to their challenges makes their challenges look so colossal at their sight. Challenges are bound to occur or surface if one must constantly experience an undisputed promotion. (Read more on GROWTH VS MATURITY)



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