Alignment: The pathway to fulfilment

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Covenant refers to a binding agreement between two or more parties leading to the accomplishment of a particular goal. A contract should not be misinterpreted for a covenant; a breach of contract attracts only fine while a breach of covenant attracts life. Contracts attracts earthly commitment (between parties) but covenant attracts a deity connection, whether or not it took place between mere mortals, there is always a celestial connection but contract or promise on the other hand only covers a terrestrial connection.
Note that no covenant can come to manifestation without a proper alignment.

Every covenant made concerning any life will remain a pendulum swinging if there is no proper alignment; the reason for this is that covenant requires a proper positioning for it to find a place of rest for its manifestation. There is virtually no man on planet ‘Earth’ that has no pendulum of covenant upon his/her life (be it demonic or Godly covenant) and many covenant had remained covenant hitherto because there has been no proper positioning of the one to whom the covenant was made.
When a man recognizes his purpose in life and identified the covenant backing it up and properly aligned himself with it, acquisition or establishment of such a person’s purpose in life becomes a stress-free mission because by that he understands the set of people to work and walk with.

No one can appreciate your existence (whether you are loaded naturally or spiritually) if you are yet to take up responsibilities and you might not be able to rise to stardom.

In the case of Solomon, the king in the scripture, immediately he began to take up responsibilities in the kingship role after being appointed as the king over all Israel, all that has been deposited in him (wisdom, knowledge and understanding) began to find their ways into full display and lives began to be blessed automatically. Talents, natural abilities and spiritual gifts are never given to be kept but they are all service gifts. Note that every gifts (be it spiritual or natural) requires taking up responsibilities in order to allow it for its full display in the carrier’s life.
Note that you cannot keep claiming that there is covenant of fruitfulness and multiplication upon you while you remain lazy, wretchedness can never spare your tent or life; productivity is the key to fruitfulness and multiplication. Many people become so complacent because of the sweetness of prophesies they have heard about their future such that they continuously fold their arms (failed to take up responsibilities) thinking that events will naturally play out themselves on them. Note that even if those prophesy were to be true, you are to work and walk in line with it before it can find its full expression in them.


Whatever you have given yourself to overtime is a reflection of how aligned you are to your purpose and the supporting covenant and this usually forms the bulk of that which controls your life. Develop yourself in order to match yourself with the responsibilities (purpose and covenant of God) ahead of you. To every life, there is an assignment to execute; a mission to accomplish; a purpose to establish; a covenant to fulfill; a generation of people to be blessed; a will to be fulfilled (Read: SOLUTION).
Existence becomes useless and irrelevant when there is no alignment with the covenant for the establishment of purpose which will eventually render lives UN-impacted.

Note that our inability to fulfill purpose in life can never be blamed on God if we fail to align ourselves with His covenant.
The existence of many people on planet ‘Earth’ have become wasted (invalid) because their presence had so far impacted none; their years are wasted, time fruitless and presence unfelt. Do not settle for the alternative version of your destiny; it will only make you relevant for a while and later be out-rightly displaced.

“Many people have taken challenges they are going through as a major excuse for their displacement from the place of their calling but unknown to them that their place of calling is a major source for God to connect to them but they succumbed to challenges to displace them from the central plan of God.”

Despite the fact that it has been foretold concerning Solomon, in the scripture, unto David that he has was going to build a house for the lord, he still has to align himself with the covenant so that that which had been said concerning him can come to pass.
REF: 1st kings 5:5, Solomon said, I can never allow the covenant of God to remain a pendulum swinging without finding a place of rest in my life; I am not ready to waste my existence; I am not ready to abort the plan of God for my life; But, he said, I am purposed to align myself so that that which has been foretold about me can come to manifestation.



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