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Acknowledgment refers to the act of admitting the truths regarding a particular matter. Stop blaming people for your present predicaments; acknowledge that it is your entire fault. Note that the more you blame your predicaments on people around you is the more the reasons to leave your problems unattended to surfaces. Many people are fond of running down the blames of not being successful on their parents or even those around them. They attribute every of their failures to the inability of their parents or people around them to help their situation. The fact here is that, had it been that you also had gone extra mile, the resultant effect of it all might have been better. It is of a true that everyone usually looks for a way to justify their misfortune but nevertheless several wrongs can never make a right. Note that two half truths as well can never make a whole truth. It is worthy of note that as a human, many things naturally play out themselves on us of which we lack any influencing abilities over them and these includes, but not limited to, the family we are given birth to, the country we find ourselves at birth, the background of the family we were given birth to e.t.c, nature has a way of determining that without any external influence(s). But note that as a grown up person, you have a lot of opportunities in correcting any error you think nature had made in determining so many things about your life (defining the kind of life you wish to live) at the inception. E.g. you might think nature had played prank on you by making you find yourself in a family with wretched background (read SOLUTION) but through your decision (resolution) you can determine the kind of life you wish to live i.e. the kind of education you choose to have, the kind of wife you wish to marry, the kind of environment you envisaged to live and so on.


In any situation that man is going through in life, individual persons usually have their own meanings regarding such situation and this is due to the fact that we were brought up in different culture and backgrounds which directly or indirectly opened us up to different orientations and experiences. But irrespective of how knowledgeable one might seem to be regarding the situation, one must learn to respect the view points or interpretations of others because this is as a result of the afore mentioned forces and this approach is called RESPECTED INTERPRETATION. Do not make them feel horrible or odd through your words (acknowledgment) because any attempt to do so might make them refrain from rendering any other contribution in the future even if it is within their ranges.


Never put your trust in human. Human mood swings and this actually makes them to shift ground at any time. Human are unstable like an ocean that is being disturbed by waves. There should be a limit to which one should trust man full of flesh. For every known problem, there is always an identifiable solution. It is of a truth that you have found yourself in a place you wouldn’t have, in the first, bargained for, but the question is what the measures have you put in place to turn situations around (correct the continuous flow of unwanted ‘wretchedness’) or you have succumbed by choosing to roll on with the status quo?


The channel we go through in getting our problems solved also determines how effective our effort in resolving it will be. Failure of many people escalates when they start looking unto men. Note that, the man you are looking up to for help might also be in serious or dire need of help. No one can look up to God and look down to man concurrently, it is no done. Go through the right channel.


Until man is able to put an end to attributing their failures to the preceding and current situations of their lives or people around them, life will always seem to be unworthy to live to man and such a person will be known as a REPUTABLE FAILURE because the zeal for aspiration would have been totally extinguished.



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