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He that is not open to learning will be limited to that which he knows and this might deprive or restrain him of accesses to some things. No man can remain the same way and believe that different levels of opportunities will be their lots, impossible!

Note that there are various measures of standards or preparations that must be accurately attained in order to tap into a different level of opportunity.

E.g. the way a student presents his answers in his final exams while in secondary school will be quite different from the way the same person will present his answers for his examinations in his final year while in higher institution. The reason for this being that there is a particular level of expectation or standards that he must fulfill before he can take an advantage of this kind of opportunity (award of a degree). In spite of the several years of investment (year1-4, 5 or6), this compels such a person to earnestly prepare through the acquisition of more knowledge so as not to fall short of the standard/ level of expectation. Note that those that are found intelligent usually do not detach themselves from continuous learning; they patiently listen to new things and accurately appropriate the knowledge gained. Opportunities slipped across many people’s fingers simply because they do not have what it takes to tap into such opportunity.

Also, you will observe that whenever an organization rolls out any form of employment advert, their adverts usually contains some sets of specification which are person specification: minimum qualification a person must possess before he or she can be considered and job description: the nature of the work coupled with the work environment, and whosoever wanted to take an advantage of this opportunity of this employment opportunity but falls short of these basic criteria is automatically considered ineligible.

Note that individual person has his/her tastes and this invariably makes us different from one another. What one individual sees as his ground breaking success is what another person sees as his starting point, therefore, the modes of learning situations and addressing it by both individuals should be in commensurate measure with their envisaged destined points

Be renewed each day. Do not allow a day to pass by without you adding something new to your baggage of knowledge; it determines your value and forms the bulk of who you are. Do not wait till you are stranded by situations before you expose yourself to learning. Note that a continuous exposition of oneself to learning is the key to a sustainable relevance.


Never attempt to imitate anyone when it comes to learning; Whatever you consume is never going to the belly of your buddy. Note that our individual attitude towards learning is usually influenced by many factors which us unique to individual person. Always be on a continuous search and adoption of what can help you match yourself with the kind of life you envisaged. Remember that people can only walk your journey with you; they can never walk it for you.


Learning is a process. Note that anything that entails processes usually contain a chain of events in which none of it can be avoided because they all contributes to the success of the entire system I.e. all must be unavoidably attended to. Note that there is virtually no product without process – precious materials requires pressures to make them a cynosure of all eyes. Any stone that attempts to jump out of the milling machine on the quarry site might end up irrelevant for purpose on the building site. It is also worthy of note that if you are not FAT; Faithful, Accountable and Teachable, you might find it difficult, if not impossible, to grow fat (well known). Even if you are faithful and accountable but you lack the ability to learn, it might translate to be a torn in your flesh.


He that loves to show off with words because he as the art of words; word Smith, without acknowledging THE WORD might end up in a shame. Note test all questions does not demand an answer. Also, it is not all situations that deserves a shifting response- maintaining one’s immediate stand might equally mean the desired/appropriate response in dealing with such situation, but a person that lobes showing off because of his art of words will always respond to situation.

Learn to manage your emotions effectively so test it won’t create an opening into your life through which arrows might penetrate to hurt you. Never permit your emotion to set your integrity or long-range built loyalty ablaze. Note that if emotion destabilizes you, anything that comes to you can easily push or pull you down.



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