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Ignorance: A deadly disease

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Ignorance, according to the English dictionary, is defined as the state of being uneducated or uninformed. It was further defined as lack of knowledge but it is quite important to note that the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge said Stephen Hawkings; self-satisfaction or self-righteousness. Do not parade yourself to be too spiritual to consider your ways. Note that a proper self appraisal enhances a unanimous development. At every point in time, there is always a new privilege to retrace our steps whenever we err but man usually loves to justify his ways (wrongs) and this usually prevents man from taking corrective measures as at when due, many a time , not until when issues get out of hand. Note that it is not all issues that warrants justification; some deserves acknowledgement.
Never attempt to justify your wrongs when you are indeed guilty, it will only provoke people the more and elongate issues- note that wise words satisfy like good meals.

Anything that will light (illuminates) others must be light (not heavy) in weight; anything that will give a complete illumination does not stand among but stands out; anything that will give an outstanding lighting does not stay on the ground surface but stays on high so that the lighting of everyone will be done ubiquitously i.e. everyone will have an unfetter access to it simultaneously. For instance, if the sun that stays on high should come down to the ground surface level, below its standard, it can never effectively perform its natural duty of giving energy to the earthly creatures through it continuous smiling at them simultaneously.

Understanding is the only connection between wisdom and knowledge- he that hath no connection with wisdom can never have access to understanding. Our continuous efforts made in advancing ourselves will expose us to a reasonable level of growth which will eventually streamline us to the only needed information.
Note that stooping down (condescending) so low to apologize does not connotes loss of identity but a means of evading issues that could have resulted into a critical/compound problem.


The words that continually proceed from our buccal cavity (mouth) will surely determine how healthy we will feel for the day- if we speak impacted words to others, we will feel fulfilled but whenever we speak unhealthy words to others, it also hunts our emotions. Note that whenever man is angry, he tends to speak a lot and those words at times are usually socially unacceptable, and morally disgusting. The wise spared his words: note that the more man speaks because he is angry is the more he sees reasons to speak (whether or not they are acceptable) and the more hurt he becomes because it makes his emotion more vulnerable (especially when the other party does not have the right words to pacify the aggrieved party), then issues becomes combustible.


Friendship connotes agreements; “Can two walk together except they agree?” Friends refer to a group of people, other than one’s family, with like minds that usually walks together or a person that one is directly and indirectly acquainted to. Note that the growth of any friendship is reflected in the level of their agreement; no relationship can progress, even to the next level, when there is a continuous contention. Many lives remain the same (unyielding) today because they always love to impose their views about situations on God, even when they were meant to patiently listen to what he has to say—-read more on relationship. If God truly loves us then His opinions concerning our dear lives can never be disastrous. He promises us an expected end; good and not evil but if it is not good yet note that it might not be the expected end, press forward.
Note that it is not worth it to make a life time commitment without seeking God’s commitment– it is hazardous. Remember that God is never committed to that which he has not commissioned. Finally, embarking on a journey without the company of understanding can render one comfortless.



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