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CARE- The Expression of an Exemplary Love Lifestyle

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Care is referred to as the ability to be concerned or be mindful of something or to develop interest in something. People do not want to know how loquacious, wealthy, eloquent, brilliant, playful you might seem to be but their major issue of concern is HOW MUCH YOU CARE. Never attempt to remain adamant to people’s issue of which you are capable of solving. When a particular door seems locked for a longer period of time, the best approach to unlocking the door is GIVING. Note that the best approach to unlocking the door of prosperity is giving. The kind of people our lives attract is a product of our attitude towards giving.

According to Pastor Hilary, ‘giving means that you have conquered greed.‘ The value of people to you is usually reflected in the worth of the sacrifices you can make for their sake. Note that the worth of a goal is made know in the amount of sacrifices you can make to get it established. If you cannot sacrifice your old way of life for salvation, then, salvation is worth nothing to you. Note that giving usually paints the picture of who we are in the mind of people I.e. whether we are loaded with caring or greed virtue. Remember that anything given unto you (be it gifts, wealth, or spiritual ability) is not only because of your needs for them but also because of lives attached to your destiny who will also be beneficiaries. Your innate abilities were not given to manipulate wealth to your side but to influence or touch lives.

Note that you do not need everyone to focus their attention on you before you know that you attract the attentions of people: if everyone should focus their attention on you, it might get you off the track; intimidation. Bear in mind that somebody somewhere is really interested and totally engrossed and captivated by that which you are doing. Care thrives on the platform of love- love precedes care; care is an expression of the fullness of love.

Note that you can never have a positive attitude towards he who you have tagged your enemy.

There is an emblem that brings about a transcendental growth and it usually emanates from an irresistible efforts garnered in a systemic way and that is CARE which stems from an unflinching love.

Whatever you cherish or find precious (love) will never lack your exquisite attention (care) because whatever happens to it will surely have a direct influence on you. But the question here is that how well can you still love and care for someone in spite of what you have heard about them? Inordinate conclusions or hypotheses debase meaningful extension of loving kindness towards man.

 Note that without the reality of love, our existence on earth will surely become a fallacy- theoretical.


The only thing that is most precious to God out of every success an individual might make in the entire cosmos is his soul because that is what he needs at the end of his earthly journey. Take cognizance of what you feed your soul (the seat of mind) with. Note that life starts getting on well with you the day you find wisdom and gain a direct access to understanding. True life cannot manifest in you except you come in contact with the true life. Note that fullness of life is guaranteed to those who can realize who they are and what they are in response to God’s will for their lives. A life without wisdom and understanding will surely be deficient in all aspect of life.


He that cares for others will never use his office or position to exploit or extort others simply because they are helpless. Do your best to help others situation. Also, never attempt to aggravate their situation if you know that you don’t have the ability to proffer solution to their problems. Don’t be a blocking stone. Develop Godly feeling towards people-the word of God even attests to this that one should love one’s neighbour as oneself. Never think too high of yourself-do not feel too pompous {do not inflate yourself}. If any man wants to fall, initially, he falls from the top, but, a lowly-hearted person gets elevated without stress.

”We are such love-satisfied that the word ‘love’ means everything and nothing. Love is not a homogeneous commodity- western civilization has propounded love, franchised it, merchandised it, and ultimately, homogenized it.” TED HAGGARD

He that has no control over his house can never control a nation of people because if he does there might be a great chaos. Don’t be tempted to put them in leadership position to safe them of a complex psychological disorderliness.


The mouth is one of the major instruments through which whatever that goes on in human mind can be communicated and the major element that performs this function in human mouth is the tongue (apart from non verbal expression). As it has been said that human mind is a battle field and whosoever wins the battle over human mind (God or devil) totally controls that which proceeds from their mouths (I.e. whether the tongue will bring them life or death). The natural expressions on the faces of people/their countenances determine their feelings provided that one can perfectly read between lines.

There is virtually no reason for alarm if there is no cause. It is never possible that one will just burst into laughter without something going in their mind that calls for such except the person us going insane.

The strength of a man becomes worthwhile when achievements become feasible and visible. Can devil sneak into anyone’s life without sighting loopholes first? Can a project be declared completed if it is yet to get to the finish point? Do you derive pleasure in seeing others perishing while you keep surviving? Do you feel so satisfied seeing others gnashing teeth and groaning in pain while you are living comfortably? Note that the person you forsake today or utterly dealt with because of his wrongs towards you might be your greatest means of survival tomorrow (read IRRELEVANCE), help him to clean up his mess. A living dog is better than a dead lion. His/her inappropriate deeds towards you might be a factor of some external or internal influence and that really reflects where the person needs help, never hesitate to help them get rid of the mess



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