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Approach refers to the ways and manners in which issues are addressed and resolved. A life without a definite approach is a life without strategy. Approach refers to a channel linking to the achievement of a set goal. Note that every set go has its own custom way of achieving it, although, there might be several alternatives of approach leading to the attainment of a desired state but out of the numerous alternatives, there will always be one with PRECISION. It can also be referred to as a chain of events or complementary events leading to the attainment of a desired purpose.
Note that your continuous approaches to every surfacing opportunity will determine how strategic you are in defusing the continuous release of explosives by your competing partners/agents (devil). 

Every situation has a single fact that holds it like a pillar to the house and if it is not located any approach adopted in resolving any issue will surely not be feasible. Note that facts can only be derived via patience because it entails a rigorous action. At every point in time of our lives, we will surely be presented with a very complex situation that will demand response(s) from us, even at a very critical moment, but irrespective of how urgent it seems to be, we are not expected to swing in favour or against the situation not until we have understood every fragment relating to the matter because any contrary movement can bring shame and renders one foolish. Many a time, people pour out emotions on things that do not require such because they, at first, failed to understand the matter and hold on to facts.


Complaints do not make us feel better because it is our worst enemy; it will only open up dead wounds and fill our hearts with self-pity. Never attempts to make yourself unhappy, note that the more we complain about our unpalatable situation, the more the reasons to feel bad surfaces. Complaints do not make us better off but worse off because it makes us look so irritable even to ourselves and any little negative thing around us will easily trip us off; the worst thing complaint does to man is that it mesmerizes one’s emotions and negatively impacts one attitude for the day if room is given to it. Note that in the course of our complaints we usually make a mountain out of a mole hill of our challenges and this continuously makes it look colossal.
Note that every problem usually has its own solution (be it short or long term) but a continuous complaints efforts debars us from seeing it.
The present situation in our lives might actually be putting a call across to us or sensitizing us to put a critical check on our lives in order to know where we’ve gotten it wrong or where we’ve deviated from the original plan or the initial architectural design (probably drawn by the strategist of your organization or by God for our individual lives) or opening up a new opportunity for us to adopt a new approach in pursuing our go if the current adoptions become non feasible because of the drastic and continuous change in the environment (situations) we are exposed to.
Also, many organizations become terrified and imbalanced whenever they come across unsatisfied customers or customers with complaints in their establishments. Note that it is only a pointer to your success. It really indicates that they are the set of people that are delighted in seeing you successful in that business or line of trade because they will never take a damn for a reduction in the value or quality of your products or services, hence, complaints.


Marriage is known to be a union between two great _forgivers_. Note that there is virtually no relationship that will ever be void of flaws (disputes) but the only thing that will keep lubricating the vehicle of the relationship is FORGIVENESS. Conflicts usually springs up between parties whenever there is a violation of rights, although there might be reasons for that, but the aggrieved parties will never want to entertain such. Sometimes, dispute arises not because either party was wrong or both parties were wrong but because they failed to see the scene from the same perspective; congruent view.
The best way to resolving a dispute is to refuse to hold on to our rights and therefore have a uniform view of the matters at stake; casting lots.
Casting lots– connotes forgetting about the injury you have suffered, although not too palatable; the pain one has gone through because of the negligence of the other party; and putting aside weighty grievances you have against one another because other parties have shown remorse, although not so easy. Note that if God had failed to cast lots of our respective iniquities, no one would have been found righteous.


Before one proceeds into judgment, it is wise to listen patiently to all parties involved in order to guard against flaws in judgment; all parties involved must not be denied freedom of speech or expression. Note that proceeding into judgment based on a singular input might lead an enormous mistake. It is important to also note that the first person speak while reporting a matter literally seems righteous not until the remaining parties place forth their arguments for cross-examination.



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