Learning: the pathway to knowledge

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Learning can be described as the process of studying or acquiring knowledge about a particular phenomenon. Learning processes are not only restricted to the four walls of an institution since it entails the diffusion of knowledge from a concentrated part to a little or non-concentrated parts. Note that what you fail to learn about today will surely rule over you or take an advantage of you in the future and invariably debars you from attaining some levels or have access to some things. Give it your totality! You cannot be a master of what you do not know but you will either be its slave or servant.

In any situation you find yourself at any point in time, always make effort to ask questions; every environment you find yourself always has a way of bringing you new information each day but you will have them only when you make effort to reach out to them. He who asks questions seeks knowledge. Many people failed disappointedly today because they failed to ask questions and mind you that what you don’t know is capable of bringing you down. Note that if every situation in your life fails to bring you new information, then, you live a life with no value because any information you get will invariably help you in adjusting yourself for the next event that is likely to unfold.

Do not wait till you learn from experience because it is cost effective to learn by information.

Never wait till you fall into any trap before you learn your lesson because information is an eye opener to what is capable of befalling you. If you decide to wait till life teaches you a lesson before you learn it might be too late to mend by that time. Experience they say is the best teacher but I will like to say that no matter how healed a wound might seems to be, one will still be left with scar. It is better to prevent a negative thing from occurring than to start looking for a way out after its occurrence.

Learning by information is a proactive measure of dealing with future events i.e. making effort to guide and guard against an unpalatable situation prior to its occurrence while learning by experience is a reactive measure i.e. adaptation of oneself to the situation after the occurrence of the events. Management of a particular disease consumes one’s resources than safeguarding oneself from its occurrence. Try to give it your best today so that you can have a meaningful rest in the future but if you fail to give it your best you might end up in a disheartening situation

Multitude of learning without application is a fruitless tour or engagement.

Constant exposition of oneself to learning is expected to make one grow either geometrically or arithmetically. You have gone through a series of training but yet you cannot proffer solution to any related problems presented before you, what a fruitless investment! You constantly boast of your profession but you have never made any contribution to knowledge- you are good at citing authors or making references, although it helps to ground one’s thought, but when will you become a source from whom others can draw?


Many disciples tend to prove themselves smarter than their leaders and this usually amount to outright failure. Many disciples want material gains at the expense of their master’s credibility and integrity. They never want to go through the pain of being tutored. Note that working for God without a corresponding walk with God is nothing but a fruitless spiritual tour, shun it!


Learn to make an improvement on your attitude and you will see a corresponding improvement in those around you. It might be your attitude that switches people off against you; stop shifting or apportioning blames, examine yourself as well. Learn to love and you will know how to live.


This is a moment of separation for a renewal of strength or to receive a new direction for the task ahead. This is the room an individual enters as a non-entity and returns as a king; it is a room that an individual enters as an immaterial thing and returns as a person that is full of life to turn situation around. Note that the value of one’s life is a product of the quality of the output of one’s moment of incubation. Incubation is also a moment of separation for reflection and formation of new strategy even for an organization.

If you are not rich (loaded with an abundant mystery of the word), you will be easily reach (uprooted) by the fiery darts of life. Continuous acquisition of the wealth (mysteries of the word) is the only potent way of building a strong defense for oneself. Note that the more a man acquires wealth, the more complex his bureaucracy becomes, and the more difficult it becomes for people to have access to him; formal procedures must be strictly observed. He who thinks of richness (continuous exposition to the knowledge of the truth) to be a very high way of safety will never toy with the privilege of acquiring more of its wealth. It takes a perfect understanding of the wealth a man is bound to enjoy before he can persistently long to acquire more of the wealth; the word. The unlimited access to safety that man that continually seeks to acquire more of the wealth enjoys includes but not limited to: marital safety, academic safety, financial safety, ministerial safety e.t.c. because they continually increase in the understanding of what the word ( of the lord) says concerning every situation they are exposed to.



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  1. Samuel Oladimeji Kuye

    September 1, 2016 at 7:32 am

    Learning is endless, curiosity is natural, asking questions is courage.

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