INTEGRITY- A Determinant of Societal Relevance

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Integrity is built/accumulated loyalty/honesty overtime while attitude is known as reaction to situations per time. Integrity is one of the crucial ingredient to getting to the top while attitude is a vital tool to maintaining/ sustaining it. There is no iota of doubt that a man of integrity is a man of good recommendation and certainly gives such people privileges of receiving preferential treatment. A man of his words exhibits true integrity which instills much of their trust in people. The fact here is that bad attitude forestalls integrity. Your attitude will either enhance or deter your integrity. Human’s beauty and qualifications which usually pave ways for recommendations have the ability to take them to the palace but their integrity will determine how long they will last in the palace.

Note that beauty attracts men but character sustains them while integrity helps to build a lasting image of oneself in people’s mind. 

Death can close the face of any life at any point in time but not that of a good name. Many people in various situations have lost an opportunities that are worth transforming life entirely because probity is never their guiding philosophy. Never attempt to jettison your integrity in order to pave way for yourself, such achievement is usually transient. Note that lack of integrity in one’s life is like a missing rib and failure to locate and fill it up might expose the entire organs covered by the thoracic cavity into an unwanted danger; the life is at a very huge risk

Anything that you do or any behaviour you put up at any point in time that you are not proud of is a wrong deed which is capable of bringing you reproach, deviate from it. In our daily activities, we involve ourselves in many activities and we show forth different characters as situation unfolds itself and as a result of this, our attitude varies from time to time, events to event and as well as location to location. The only best way to constantly put our lives to check is by examining our reactions to events whether or not it caused us to err. Note that anything we do that we cannot be proud of even in the midst of people is capable of bringing us reproach. There is no doubt that some people do not only find it easy but also interesting to pride in bad behaviour simply because they do not see anything bad or unhealthy in such, therefore, an application of proximate cause rule might seem difficult in that regard but in other words, simply put that disgraceful act is a wrong deed.

It is so painful that nowadays many renowned parents have soiled their prides (Integrity) because they pined for a continuous accumulation of material elements. I feel so discombobulated at times whenever I hear about lots of parents that are indirectly training their children the art of unfaithfulness right from their tender age; age at which events are registered in one’s memory permanently. These same set of people that their parents could not afford even their school fees during their days, whereby they personally went into the thick bushes to fetch fire woods so that they can sell them in order for them to raise funds to settle their school bills, are now the ones paying for exam malpractices on behalf of their children all in the name of ‘I don’t my children to suffer what I suffered when I was like them.’

Never make promise of what you can’t fulfill, it gradually makes the integrity of one to fade away. It diminishes the level of trust that people have in you. Do not attempt to raise pseudo-hope in men when you know that the situation is beyond your control; come out plain, there might be a better solution before the issue gets out of hand.


A long range built loyalty can be destroyed by a day’s stupid reaction. Note that if you jettison your integrity for immediate material satisfaction or accumulation, you are only investing your day of reproach for interest and the payback day will surely surface like a thief. Wisdom is needed in every situation. Handle issues with care.


Let not the cat out of the bag. Revealing important secrets that people keep with you as a result of their trust in you can diminish your level of integrity but ensure that those secrets will not be to the detriment of others. Never disgrace people by exposing their mistakes in public but rather cover them up and scold them when they are alone with you.


Overreaction brings about unprecedented negative results. Even if what had been done to you really hurt you to the marrow and warrant you to react, do not be so much infuriated to the extent that you offend people by altering words that will socially and morally undermine your integrity.



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