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What does your image speaks; Grace or Pride?

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Grace is an averter of God’s judgment. It makes God to tolerate our idiosyncrasies or nonsense. If man therefore falls out of grace, he is exposed to danger. Grace unraveled mysteries and delivers hidden treasures unto man. Grace is regarded as the act of God’s kindness towards man. It is an antidote to the raging storm of iniquity. The lace (an instrument that fastens man together and make them relevant in spite of challenges) of grace upon man is an emblem of separation for an unusual visitation. He who possess not such might surely be grazed upon by the cankerworms of life. Many lives are gradually wasting while they think they are making merry.

Do not be overwhelmed by the level of grace upon you and permit people to sing your praise to the grave. Whenever you permit people to continually give the glory of whatever you might have achieved to you without acknowledging that it is all done by God through you and not ‘you’, then, you therefore make the grace to diminish instead of it to escalate because God will never want you to fall because of the divine enablement.

Needless to say, that wealth, human experience or even qualifications might seem deficient or ineligible in achieving some things for man but the potency of God’s power can never fade away even for once. Man can only be merciful unto you but they cannot be gracious unto you. Note that lust can make someone lost while love can make one last; misuse not the grace. The fact that you know how to do something best at the moment does not make you indispensable, it is because other specialist in that field are yet to be known.

Note that in business, you are not to treat your customers like they need you more than you need them; you are only relevant in business because they keep coming, if not you would have winded-up when there is no more income let alone of profit because of lack of patronage; consumer sovereignty.

Do not welcome unnecessary eulogism from the homosapiens as this may turn your fame to flame that can cook up your identity. Do not give in to anyone by permitting them to raise false hope in you; it is critical to your relevance. Do not allow your pride to get into your wings, it might result into a pompous attitude which is capable of ruining your reputation or long-range built integrity. Never allow your pride to be concentrated in your head, it may affect or debase your level of thinking and this will surely reflect in the way you constantly address fellow humans- lack of courtesy. Finally, never allow your pride to be concentrated in your legs as this might push or pull you not to respect other’s rights and opinions- you will constantly trend on toes without feeling remorse because your conception about them will be that they are non entities and non of their presence or contributions can in any way add value to the ongoing discussion or the project at hand.

Note that over-secretion of sexual hormones; testoterone and oestrogen in both males and females respectively can result in a continuous and unwarranted urge for sex and likewise is the over-secretion of self image hormone can result into “over-exalted self.” Although, it is of a true that pride is an element of charismatic relevance I.e. the way you carry yourself, and he who does not have this possess not self-respect and self-appreciation which can lead to inferiority complex but an over secretion of hormone from the self-image hormonal duct is tantamount to PRIDE. Improper appropriation of God-given grace can result in pride. Beware!


Walk and work circumspectly

Always be vigilant. Examine yourself at all time. Do not be too proud of yourself thinking that you cannot fall into any temptation because of the level of grace upon you. He that thinketh he stand should take heed lest he fall. He who refused to take to correction will end up in confusion, and mind you destruction is inevitable. Never attempt to remain dogmatic because there is no monopoly of knowledge. Always take to people’s advice ones you discover that it will enhance but not deter your growth. Take a corrective measure immediately you are corrected. Note that all information is important but not all is important to you. Sieve information you get and make use of the important ones.

You own not yourself

Do not believe that the grace upon you supersedes others or it’s only limited to you. Acknowledge that God is the giver of grace. Hearken to the advice of the sagacious people- word of correction can come through anyone. Do not nurture any malice against them believing that they are your worst enemy. Ensure you always take corrective measures before it is too late to mend.

Never limit the hand of God

The grace of God upon you can actually make you race on any terrain that seems crazy if only you understand the level of grace upon you. Yield yourself to the word of God- the word of God speaks expressly to every man so as not to end up in destruction. That is the only book of law that has been given to man to meditate therein day and night

Never despise the word of the elders

Elders are known to be repository of experience. They are capable of giving necessary advice at a very critical time of one’s life. “Rebuke not the elder, but in treat him as your father.

Forsake not the word of your parents

Good parents can never attempt to lead their children into the wilderness. Hearken to their voice always so as not to end up in destruction.




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