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Emotion should not be permitted to overshadow one’s vision. Note that an uncontrollable emotion is a miasma to a lifetime destiny. Never attempt to open up your weaknesses in the time of your trials; devil might use it as a source of strength and ride on it to totally pull you down. Many people talk out their lives as a result of their happiness or sadness at a particular time when such things are still in the period of their incubation or not yet ripe to be divulged. Overwhelming emotions kills vision; overwhelming emotion is a catastrophic phenomenon to any vision in its juvenile stage. Too much joy can becloud one’s sense of reasoning and so also is too much sadness is capable of jeopardising one’s progress. Although, there is no modicum of doubt to the fact that it is good to be happy but the truth is that over-excitement can make one loose guard and might give room for nemesis to catch up with one. If you permit your emotion to overshadow your faculty of reasoning in business, you might end bankrupt.

The euphoria of an unequal success leads to unfetter celebration. Celebration does not just materialize but a job well done or a success well achieved requires an adequate felicitation.

Felicitation is predicated upon a sustained success. Success can never spring up accidentally or unprecedentedly unless it has been adequately prepared for; it only manifest in the lives of those that worked or prepared for it. Many people invest so much effort in praying for success but the saddening part of it is that they are never prepared mentally and emotionally for it. Note that no one can attract the kind of success(es) he wants if he is unprepared. E.g. A man that earnestly pray for a perfect wife must also make effort to suit himself into the nature of being a perfect husband so that his bone will not attract or magnetize the wrong bone. True success is not only defined by a man’s achievement but also the number of lives the achievement have been able to influence towards the pursuance and accomplishment of their set goals as well, and once this brief fact is achieved, then, it calls for an unconstrained celebration, felicitation, jubilation, presentation of gifts and lots more.

Note that celebration is not about bringing oneself under the influence of something that can make the euphoria of the success fade away hastily, all in the name of celebration. A job well done requires commendation and recommendations.

Do not spread your wings where you ought not to do so. Never attempt to enact laws when you are uncontrollably angry, the blade of such law might come back to hurt you. Also, promises are not meant to be made when one is most excited, remember that promises are debt that are usually due for redemption and it usually speaks about our integrity.



Note that wisdom is required in every human’s life that sees successful accomplishment as their utmost aim. If one is so much driven by emotion in business, one will in no time dispose of all his stock without any income (Credits) and this can invariably leads to the closure of such business site or winding up of the business. Although, it is of a true that granting of credits to customers( intending and existing customers) increases one’s income or profits but it at the same time tie down capital that is meant to be used for some other businesses and generate more profits. If one keeps granting credits to everyone that comes one’s way every moment without standing one’s ground when need be because you are ruled by emotion(sympathy), those set of people will still be the one to raise clicks of people against you to mock you when your business winds up.


Many people have voluntarily sold out themselves into a lifetime problems because they have permitted their emotions to lord itself over them; their emotions being the driver, their hearts/mind being the conductor and their brains totally displaced. The superintending power of their emotion forcefully triggered their libido such that the activity that took place resulted into a lifetime damnation I.e. Settling down for what they would have ordinarily not given a second thought.

No one will wake up early in the morning and pray or watch that his visions or good intentions go down the drain but our inability to properly control and coordinate our emotion might make our several years of investment sink even within a twinkling of an eye


Friendliness permits you have information to some specific information that can help you go a long way and that ordinarily you can’t get without you being friendly with people. That does mean that you should let out information that are vital and can harm your vision if divulged.


As you continually press forward in the journey of life; lots of things will induce your emotion. Never permit those emotions to overshadow your mission statement; your reason for existence. Do not merry to the extent that you forget your purpose. Do not be carried away by the things around you. Also, never let acrimonious situation bow your head to the extent that you conclude that God seems not to love you. Many a time, the euphoria of being in higher institution usually overshadow the thinking faculty of undergraduates and in turn make many to forget their purpose.



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